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Lagi Lagan: Interestingly repackaged thumris

Karthik S
Posted On Friday, October 10, 2008 at 09:53:57 PM
Freakin' Awesome! Freakin' Awesome! Freakin' Awesome! Freakin' Awesome! Freakin' Awesome!

Lagi Lagan (Indipop - Madhushree)

Madhushree and her band, The Revivals’ debut album, Lagi Lagan is definitely interesting — repackaged thumris does seem a good idea when you listen to the sparkling Piya lagi, the very catchy Lagi lagi or the pleasant, filmy-styled Manat nahi. The Santana’esque backgrounds in Jabse shyam sidhare and the sprightly orchestration of Barsan lagi too is pretty neat work! It’s only in the sluggish Babul mora and Aaye na balam’s godawful and jarring remix that the album falters. Madhushree’s husband Robby Badal brings in imaginative and trendy backgrounds to complement the singer’s lovely vocals and the package works quite well.

Losing the tracks?

Losing the tracks?
Shameem Khan
Wednesday, December 03, 2008 23:59 IST

Music directors shy away from offering singing assignments to Madhushree, an AR Rahman protege.

She was Sujata Bhattacharya, until mentor AR Rahman re-christened her as Madhushree. “I felt my luck would change with the name change. Also there were many singers with the same name. So Rahman-ji gave me this name,” she says.

Rahman gave her a dream debut with Kabhie Neem Kabhie Shehad (Yuva). It was followed by Hum Hain Is Pal Yaahan (Kisna), Pal Pal Hain (Swades) and Tum Bin Bataye (Rang De Basanti).

But her devotion to Rahman has cost her dearly too. Other music directors are not offering her work. True?

She is not too forthcoming on this front, “I wonder, why? It’s a very tricky situation. I would love to sing for Vishal Shekhar and Pritam who I consider very talented too but they just aren’t giving me work. I hope after reading this interview, they offer me some good work.”

She’s also admits that, “I sing in Tamil but don’t understand a word of it. I do ask for the meaning of the song to get the flavour of the song-romantic, sensual, sad and then simply repeat the words like a parrot,” she chuckles.

Right now, she’s on a high after her music album Lagi Lagan hit the popularity charts,
“It’s a collection of thumri’s with modern instrumentation. It wasn’t an easy task because my husband Robby Badal (who arranged the music) and I took almost a month and a half to mix each song. I even made Rahmanji listen to it and give his approval before we went ahead with it.

“By God’s grace, everyone has loved our experimentation.”

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Monday, December 8, 2008

“There is one major difference between A. R. Rahman and all other music directors…” –Madhushree (an interview)

“There is one major difference between A. R. Rahman and all other music directors…” –Madhushree (an interview)
- Amanda Sodhi

With a voice just as sweet as her name, Madhushree has lent her voice to many memorable compositions in films such as Moksha, Yuva, Aayitha Ezhuthu, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Anbe Aaruyire, Kuch Naa Kaho, Guru, Rang De Basanti, Aalwar, Unnale Unnale, Sivaji, Tehzeeb, Jodhaa Akbar, Mukhbir, Kisna, Swades, Saathiya and Welcome to Sajjanpur. She recently came out with an album, Lagi Lagan which does a commendable job of presenting thumri sangeet in fusion format. I, Amanda Sodhi, present you with an in-depth interview on with Madhushree in which she shares how she got her break in the music industry, her first meeting with A. R. Rahman, her experience of working on Lagi Lagan, and much more. What are you waiting for? Read away!

How did you decide to pursue a career in music?

My family pursued me from my childhood to be a singer, a classical singer. In fact, my father, Shri Amarendra Nath Bhattacharya was a very good singer. After completing my college, I applied for a job at ICCR (Indian Council For Cultural Relations) and I got selected for Surinam/ South America to teach classical music. I was totally unaware of my future line. In Surinam I became popular by singing for the first time film music and I started enjoying it very much. After completing my terms in Surinam, I was thinking to settle in Holland, but Holland is a very cold country (laughs).

It is said that you got your entry into Bollywood playback singing through Kumar Sanu’s recommendation. Tell us a bit about this.

I was still doing my teaching in Surinam, when I landed in Kolkata to record a ghazal album, where I met Kumar Sanu in the same studio…he was rocking at that time. He heard my voice, praised me a lot and suggested that I give a try in Bollywood. He also told me that my voice is very much suitable for playback. So, I took his advice and without telling anybody I took my tanpura and a small bag with some cloths and left for Mumbai Nagariya.

You’ve lent your voice to a lot of A. R. Rahman’s compositions. Tell us about how you initially got your first song with Rahman. That must have been a really exciting moment!

That’s true. It was exciting! I was fighting to get a break in Bollywood and let me tell you it is not easy to get that, because when things are going on their way, nobody bothers to experiment and take a chance for anybody. But, there is one man who always in each and every project gives chances to newcomers: A. R. Rahman! When I heard this, I then made my goal to reach A. R. And, luckily I was recording a jingle at 4D Studio and I heard that A. R. is coming to some recording for Lagaan in the same studio. So, I waited for him from noon and finally meri intezar phal laya! I waited for 10 hours to meet him through Mr. Brij Bhushan and finally got introduced to him. He made me sing lots of things and I sang for more than a hour a mix of things…classical...light and filmy, and he called me after 1 year for "Naina Milayke” in Saathiya.

In addition to Hindi you also sing really well in Telgu and Tamil. Is it difficult to sing in another language?

I am a Bengali, so all other languages are unknown to me. Tamil singing for me was the most difficult and challenging singing. In the beginning I was fighting against the language, but slowly I started enjoying and loving the language and more because of my fans all across the world.
You come from a musical family. Since childhood you have been trained in classical sangeet. Tell us a little bit about your training. Also, do you still do riyaaz on a regular basis?

Yes, everybody in my family sings and as I can remember, I performed at the age of 5. Initially, I took classical training form my father and after that he sent me to Shri Amiya Ranjan Bannerjee from whom I learned classical sangeet for 9 years. After that, I took thumri training from Pandit A. T. Kanan. All riyazi voices have to practice daily for at least 1 hour to be in form. So, I do riyaaz daily for some time, but days when I have too many recordings then I do not do riyaaz.

While there are a lot of people who have a great voice and want to sing, not every voice is suited for playback. What do you think is the differentiating factor between a good voice and a voice appropriate for playback singing?

Which voice is suitable for playback which one is not is not an issue these days. Every kind of voice is used for playback singing. Previously, there was an image that only Lata, Asha, Rafi Sahib, Mukesh, Kishore type of voices were suitable. As you see, today there are so many types of voices doing playback. Yes, there is one thing very important about playback voice: it should have a screen presence in the voice, which I call "khanak."

There are so many music reality shows and you also took part in one, Jhoom India, which you won along with Sachin Tyagi. Tell us your views regarding reality shows.

Reality shows are all major adaptations of foreign shows. There are pluses and minuses of these shows for the artists. The plus point is that they get a platform to show their talent, from where they get fame and finally shows. The minus point is that most of them do not have any basic music training and they get hyped by the channel and the media. After the show nobody takes care of them the way it happens during the reality shows. So they get a lot of frustration. After all, it is a corporate money-making business.

You’ve sung quite a few memorable songs for various music directors including Rajesh Roshan, A.R. Rahman, Vishal-Shekhar, Shantanu Moitra, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, M M Kreem, Himesh Reshammiya, etc. Have you observed that all of these music directors have a different approach to music composition and working with singers? If yes, please tell us a bit about your observations.

What matters during a playback singing is: 1- There is a situation which has to be expressed by a song. 2-You have the music director with his way to compose that situation with particular lyrics and he at that time keeps in mind which singer will sing this composition. At moment he has already incorporated the ability of the singer. And, every composer has a different approach to a composition. There is one major difference between A. R. Rahman and all other music directors. A. R. always tries to utilize all the qualities of the artists. He gives them the opportunity to express their own capabilities to the compositions, where the others stick to their final version.

While I’m sure all of the songs you’ve sung must be dear to you, is there any song in particular which is your overall favorite?
As you mentioned, every song is dear to me. But, “Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahaan” is the closest to my heart.

What songs are you listening to these days?

I am very choosy about my listening choices. Anything good and my favorite Mohammad Rafi Sahib, who is the complete playback singer.

You recently came out with Lagi Lagan, your debut album. Tell us how Lagi Lagan came into being? Is Thumri your favorite genre of classical sangeet, as the songs in Lagi Lagan are all thumris?

Romantic genre is my favorite and there is lots of romance in thumri singing. Robby Badal was after me for a long time for doing a thumri album and finally he got his chance to do Lagi Lagan. It all started when we had a meeting with Mr. Shridhar of Sony BMG for an album and Robby at the time let them listen to some romantic tracks, but because of the changing music market, he wanted some different things to hear and at that point Robby told them "why not a thumri album?” And, Shridhar was very excited about this idea, so started the album from there.

How was it like working with Robby Badal, who has composed the songs in Lagi Lagan?

Completely different than any music director, because we are husband and wife (laughs). We rehearsed each and every track on a click track in our music room first and after that we went to the studio to sing the song still on the click track. After that Robby cut and pasted the song, we gave it to the arranger. In close coordination we tried to finish each and every track as you hear on the CD. Robby is a very talented composer and I am very lucky to have worked with him. It was a very different and good experience. I regularly sing for all kinds of music directors, but with Robby it was very different. We were both very demanding with the work and we had lots of differences and that made the album very unique.

Out of all the songs in Lagi Lagan, which one was the most challenging for you to sing?

"Barsan Lagi".

How important are the lyrics of a song for a singer? Have you ever been taken aback by song lyrics presented to you?

Very important for me. I think a good song should start with good lyrics. I believe that lyrics in a song has the first place, and then the composition, and then, third, the voice. Yes, if I find something not right with the lyrics, I oppose.

Tell us your process for recording a song…for example, do you just walk into the recording studio and see the lyrics for a song right there and then and record it? Or, do you like to hear the situation of the song in the film before singing to convey the right emotions?

I always ask the music director or the director about the situation of the song. And not that only because everybody knows my ability as a singer, they give mostly difficult songs, so I ask them to give the song in advance, so that I can prepare it better and I can give more in the song than a fresh at the same time one. I also like to know the name of the actress on whom the songs will be pictured as I always try to give the character of the person in my singing.

What changes would you like to see in the music industry? For example, there are lots of cases of lifting tunes, ghost composers and ghost lyricists.

I would really like to see some good compositions coming up in Bollywood, especially for female songs. I think that ghost writers and ghost composers will exist for always. It is your decision what you want to do with your creation.

What do you think is the key to being a successful playback singer in India ? For example, we see many wonderful singers suddenly disappearing like Kavita Krishnamurthy Subramaniam and Anuradha Paudwal.

Kavitaji and Anuradhaji were both very successful at a time and everybody gets that opportunity to experience the success. There is no golden rule for being successful in Bollywood.
What advice do you have for aspiring singers? What about for aspiring NRI singers?

For a singer you need to have a good voice, talent and the convincing power to reach towards your goal in general. For NRI singers, my advice is don’t focus only on playback singing, but try to make your own identity…make your album and try to send this to all music directors.
What are some of your forthcoming projects?

There are some films with A. R. Rahman, Shantanu Moitra, Jeet Ganguly, a song which I am very excited about is "Chintuji" where I have an excellent duet song with Roop Kumar Rathod. There are some very exciting projects I am working on, but let it be a surprise!

Are you working on another private album these days?

Yes I am working a couple of albums. One, is of course with Robby Badal, again. It will be a very romantic album in today’s trend. Also, I am very open to different ideas on songs from all over the world.

Is there anything else you would you like to tell our readers?

There are so many things I would like to add, but one thing which is very sad in the Bollywood industry is that even though songs are highlights in films the artists of the songs are always neglected. I think it is the job of the media to give each and every artist the attention, what they have earned! You are doing a great job through your by highlighting artists. All the best to you all. Great job!

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Marudhani - Sakarakatti Song Review by Ben

Hey Diary,

I have been listening to Sakkarakatti songs from office for the last 7 - 8 hours non stop. The songs are awesome (including the two from Meenaxi) and now they are the only reason that makes working at night interesting. I am in love with the song Marudhaani. What a song? Simply superb tune, Madhushree’s voice, haunting chorous, Vaalees Lyrics and Goose bumpifying humming by THE BOSS..what more can you ask for? Another Munbe Vaa is all i can say as of now.

PS : I like the way Madhushree goes Siru kutram, Parisutham…. for reasons i dont know. And Rahmans humming following that makes me speechless.

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Marudhani - Sakarakatti Number 4 in Top 10

Marudhani - Sakarakatti Number 4 in Top 10

Album: Sakkarakatti

Song: Marudhaani

Music director: A.R.Rahman

Singer(s): Madhusree, ARR, Henry

A very original tune where touches of Maand raga have been used to a pleasing effect. Instrumental interludes give an airy feel to the song itself. The lady’s voice is smooth.

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Kashish (2008) Avinash [ 2 Madhushree's numbers]

Kashish (2008)

MUSIC: Satish Ajay, Lalit Sen, Rajesh Roshan
ARTISTs: Avinash

Album: Kashish
Artist: Avinash
Genre: Indian Pop
Released: October 2008

Tujhe Dekhkar Nazron Ko
Artist(s): Madhushree, Avinash
Lyricist: Nafees Alam

Aji Hum Bolte Hain (04:31)
Artist(s): Madhushree, Avinash
Lyricist: Vijay Akela

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Singer Madhushree Celebrates her Birthday in Style

Singer Madhushree Celebrates her Birthday in Style

Watch it guys, its a beautiful interview, though i didint understand a word she was saying, but she looks simply gorgeous and the way she speaks is sooo sweeett...

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Madhushree: A R Rahman is my mentor

Madhushree: A R Rahman is my mentor
November 8, 2008 6:08:41 PM IST

She was Sujata till Rahman found her golden voice. And today, singer Madhushree, the popular crooner is more than just a name to reckon with in Bollywood.

Today, after her album 'Lagi Lagan' is hitting the popularity charts consecutively or the tenth week, Madhushree is not the kind who crests on glory. She is busy singing for A R Rahman for his next film. "Though I was a face, there was a time when I thought I should go back to Surniam due to inconsistency of exciting projects. That is when Rahmanji who had christened me Madhushre, offered me 'Naina Milayke' in SAATHIYA. Then came 'Kabhi Neen Neem' from YUVA which not just reinstated my position but also helped me bag the Stardust Award. Rahmanji is my mentor and it is a privilege singing for him always. I treat each time as though it were my first."

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Madhushree Birthday Party

Singer Madhushree recently celebrated her birthday along with lots of Bollywood celebrities in Mumbai. Let's watch what they have to say about this talented singer and her work in the industry.

Madhushree's Song in Boys [Hindi]

Hi guys, Madhushree herself have mentioned she sung a number called " AWAO WAHAN LECHALUN TUJHE " , a duet with Sonu Nigam. Im guessing it should be the Hindi number of " Alle Alle ". Or it could be " Boom Boom ". Oh well, what is sure, that Madhushree has sung a number of "Boys". AWESOME.... Its a pity she didint sing the Tamil version, which would have been a double treat for me, becoz i loved the Tamil version of this Album allot. And it was a Big Blockbuster HIT among the Southerns.

Awaiting for "Boys" in Hindi.......

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Double whammy for Madhushree

Double whammy for Madhushree

November 4th, 2008

The bubbly frothed and happiness overflowed at the birthday and the Lagi Lagan success party of songstress Madhushree at D Ultimate in Andheri on Nov 3 night.

The cynosure of all eyes, Madhushree in a stunning scarlet red outfit added colour to the evening with her simplicity and infectious smile.

Husband and music director Robby Badal, Kailash Kher, Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Richa Sharma, Babul Supriyo, Champak Jain, Govind Swaroop, Manmohan Shetty, Kavita Barjatya, Vinod Kambli, Shama Sikandar, Chitrita Mitra, Ila Arun, Sameer Sen, Sawan Kumar Tak, Vishwajeet Pradhan and a horde of other celebs descended at the party, adding glitter and glitz and more than all that showering their love on Madhushree.

Said Sonu Nigam, "Madhushree has a wonderful voice and she is as beautiful a person as a singer." Kailash Kher added emotionally, "Madhushree has to just say and we will be there when she calls us. She is a wonderful human being." Vinod Kambli with the permission of the singers and music directors around sang the song baar baar din yeh aaye to welcome Madhushree’s birthday.

Madhushree was visibly touched. "It feels wonderful to have so many friends come together. I look forward to each celebration as it brings to me wonderful moments of time that I capture in my heart to cherish forever."

Here is looking forward to more such successful moments from this pretty woman with the velvet voice. -(SAMPURN)

Guys, to view more pictures from this event, click here :

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Happy Birthday Madhushree!!

Today Is Madhushree's Birthday [2nd Of November]! Lets all wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may God blesses her to have a long life and live happily with her family and ofcource, sing more songs for us near future!!! :)


Rahman Surprised Madhushree

Rahman Surprised Madhushree
Oct 08, 2008

By Kkomal Seth and Gautam Seth

When Rahman surprised Madhushree! That Rahman is a music director whom singer Madhushree respects immensely is a known fact. But the fact is that when Madhushree went to Chennai to sing for Rahman's next film 'Boys' with A.M Ratnam's Hindi version with Shaan, the singer was surprised to see not just her but a an entire team of music makers who had come for recording to the city actually take time to came together to celebrate the success of her album. Says Madhushree, "There was Maniratnam, Gulzarji, Abbas Tyrewala, A.M Ratnam, George, Shaan besides Rahmanji. I got an opportunity to share the moments of success with them," confesses Madhushree who is happy that her album is now a chartbuster. "It is the love of the people that makes us," she avers.

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Marudhani - Sakarakatti Number 6 in Top 10

Album: Sakkarakatti

Song: Marudaani…

Music director: A.R.Rahman

Singer(s): Madhusree, Henry,A.R.Rahman

It is not easy for any song to hold its own against ‘ Taxi ‘ but this song has! Primarily because it has such a nice, different melody. Madhusree’s voice is so soothing. Both the opening and closing bars spell class.

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Poem to Madhushree by her fan Mohamed Yaseer

Poem to Madhushree by her fan Mohamed Yaseer

One can only swallow honey,
But you produce honey in your voice,
Half sweetness in your voice,
Half sweetness in your smile,

Blessings does not fall by random,
Hardwork and confidence are the keys,
You are the living proof,
Humility win against all odds

You add perfection to a song,
You beautify the melodies like no one,
Your voice does not have any end,
Your success is a motivation,

When the wind blows on east,
Wouldn't it better along with your songs feast?
When the stars twinkle in the sky,
Wouldn't it better along with your voice fly?

The butterflies have another reason to cheer,
When your songs are played here,
They want to be you peer,
Could they reach that height oh dear?

You shine like the sun,
You smile like the moon,
You cheer like the rainbow,
You win like the mountain.

The stars can only twinkle at night,
You are twinkling day and night,
The sun eventually sets,
Your voice stood still ever

When the world think sky is too high,,
You have shown that your success is higher,
When the world think the sea is too deep,
You have shown that you talent is deeper.

The moon falls in love with your voice,
The sun wants to shine earlier to hear you sing,
The wind is learning sa re ga ma pa da ni,
The birds wish you'll teach them how to sing.

Hats off to the person who wrote this...!!! Couldnt have said it better...seriously, it really explains Madhushree so perfectly.... !!!

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Madhushree's song in Subash Ghai's MOTHERLAND, not YUVVRAAJ !!

Hi guys, here is what Madhushree has gotta say about her number in Subash Ghai's film, music by A.R.Rahman. I asked her in her official website's forum....
by: Dinesh date: Oct 15 2008 email:
Hi Maam, apparently the song u sung in Yuvraaj, music by A.R.Rahman, didint turn up in the audio cd, which really really dissapointed me in a MAJOR scale... was looking forward for it so much, since it had 3-4 raagas which has been rendered by you. But alas, the song was chopped out from the audio cd. I do hope it will get released on a second edition of the audio cd or atleast its used in the movie.....
Reply From : madhushree date: Oct 17 2008 email:
Hi Dinesh,
Everything happens for a good reason; when i did that song for Subhash Ghai than it was for the movie called "MOTHERLAND", which got shelved for some reason. And of course everybody is thinking that maybe he will put that song in his next movie?!But it didn,t...
But i think it will come in a very good movie and than the song will be justified!!!!!
I have sung some Tamil songs for music director Dina and some others, which will come very soon.

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Request Madhushree's Songs here!!!

Hey guys, polls is closed. And majority voted for me to post the songs. Ok guys, now u may request any mp3s of Madhushree u want here. [Please note, ill release mp3s of movie songs which was released b4 2005, request of her numbers after 2005 will be ignored, please purchase original cds or download the tracks legally online]

Please send ur request to my email :

Note : Im uploading this mp3 NOT TO SUPPORT PIRACY, but to SPREAD Madhushree's songs to EVERYONE so they will NEVER miss any of her numbers.

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Striking The Right Chord In Sivaji - Madhusree

Felt like posting this... though its an old interview, its awesome to see her speak out...

Striking The Right Chord In Sivaji - Madhusree
[Friday, June 01, 2007]

Madhusree is an up and coming singer with a gifted voice. She is the talk of the town following her duet Vaji Vaji in Sivaji, set to tunes by A R Rahman.

The song has become a huge hit among the audio-lovers and the fact that it is the title song of the album should bring more joy to Madhusree.

Thrilled at the success of the number, Madhusree shares her experiences exclusively with the Indiaglitz viewers on singing the song and her rapport with Rahman.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jeena To Hai (2008) - Tha Pyar Pe Humein Itna Yakeen

Another Madhushree's new Hindi number ..... Not a very impressive song IMO, Madhushree should have avoided singing this song.... :(

Jeena To Hai (2008) -

Actors : Nidhi Gill, Ricky, Rishabh Takoo, Roushika Rekhi, Shahbaaz Khan, Xavier Chettiah
Director : Milind Swamy
Music Director : Uttsavaanand
Producer : Franca Battista, Xavier Chettiah
Year : 2008

Tha Pyar Pe Humein Itna Yakeen
Madhushree, Mod. Salamat

Raaya (2006) Kannada Album - 3 Numbers by Madhushree

How could i have ever missed this???? well, apparently Madhushree has lent her voice for 3 numbers in this Kannada film, Raaya, which was released in the year 2006. Here is where u can listen to the songs ..... Preethili Indu Theli being my fav number from this album, but though it reminds me of some old Hindi number... oh well, here it is :

Raaya (2006)

Raaya [2006]

Movie Raay [2006]
Music Sen Brothers
Lyrics Ram Narayan
Director JK
Producer MA Hamsa, BL Showdri
Release 2006

Kotigobba Ee Raaya

Preethili Indu Theli
Shahazad, Madhushree
Ayyayyo Dil
Madhushree, Jaiwalia
Dina Dina
Shahazad, Madhushree
Play All Songs

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No Madhushree's song in Yuvraaj Audio CD

Guys, im in a sad state that Madhushree's song has been removed from the audio cd of Yuvraaj which is slated to release on 15 oct 2008. Few days ago, the audio list was released in the official website of A.R.Rahman, and there was no Madhushree's song mentioned there.

Its a sad situation, as im sure many of Madhushree's fan was awaiting a great feast with it, knowing it has 3-4 raags, and composed by Musical Mozart A.R.Rahman.

All i can hope now is that the song is featured in the film atleast.







Monday, October 6, 2008

Madhushree Arrives with Debut Album -

Madhushree Arrives with Debut Album -

Madhushree after delivering many hits so far, has come out with his debut album. She has rendered the song with all her heart and soul.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Music review: Lagi Lagan (Madhushree)

Music review: Lagi Lagan (Madhushree)

Posted by: Karthik In: Non-film

Madhushree and her band, The Revivals’ debut album, Lagi Lagan is definitely interesting - repackaged thumris does seem a good idea when you listen to the sparkling Piya lagi, the very catchy Lagi lagi or the pleasant, filmy-styled, Manat nahi. The Santana’esque backgrounds in Jabse shyam sidhare and the sprightly orchestration of Barsan lagi too is pretty neat work! It’s only in the sluggish Babul mora and Aaye na balam’s godawful and jarring remix that the album falters. Madhushree’s husband Robby Badal brings in imaginative and trendy backgrounds to complement the singer’s lovely vocals and the package works quite well.

Madhushree Gets Svelte For A Song

Madhushree Gets Svelte For A Song
Posted on Friday, October 03, 2008 (EST)
Playback singer of super hit films like 'Rang De Basanti,' 'Yuva,' 'Kal Ho Na Ho,' 'Kuchh Naa Kaho,' and 'Jodhaa Akbar,' Madhushree lost five kgs of weight in a fortnight before a shoot.

Playback singer Madhushree. Photo Credit: Sawf News

Playback singer of super hit films like 'Rang De Basanti,' 'Yuva,' 'Kal Ho Na Ho,' 'Kuchh Naa Kaho,' and 'Jodhaa Akbar,' Madhushree lost five kgs of weight in a fortnight before a shoot. Photo Credit: Sawf News

October 03, 2008, (Sawf News) - Playback singer of super hit films like Rang De Basanti, Yuva, Kal Ho Na Ho, Kuchh Naa Kaho, and Jodhaa Akbar, Madhushree lost five kgs of weight in a fortnight before a shoot.

She went on a no salt diet that included black coffee and bread and in a fortnight she managed to shed 5 kgs.

"I lost two and half kgs in three days. I did feel weak but there was a purpose, I had to look good for the shoot," confesses Madhushree who, after the success of her latest album is now getting film offers.

"I am a singer first and enjoy music," says Madhushree who did one of her stage dance shows with a broken foot during her national tour. "It is the high you get when you get on stage. When I sing, I simply forget everything else and live the moment."

Explaining how she made it as a singer in Bollywood, Madhushree says, "I met Kumar Sanu and he told me that I should give playback singing a shot. I came to Bombay and I met Javed Akhtar ji who introduced me to Mr. Rajesh Roshan. He gave me my first break in his film - Moksh."

"The turning point in my life came when I got a call from the very talented living legend A.R. Rahman saab with an offer to sing for Saathiya in the song Naina Milaike."

She won the "Sony Stardust Award" 2005 for the best female singing sensation for the song kabhi neem neem in Yuva.

Born into a Bengali family of musicians, Madhushree's birth name is Sujata Bhattacharya. She has been credited by her birth name in A.R.Rahman's Tehzeeb, for which she sang three songs.

Madhushree has also sung in Tamil and Telugu which motivated her to learn Tamil for adding more passion to her work in that language.

She is married to engineer and music director Robby Badal.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Madhushree in 'Yuvraaj', A.R.Rahman forthcoming Hindi Album

Its an old post from A.R.Rahman's FC, but since this album is releasing in weeks time, i think its appropriate!.... And yea, there is the confirmation from her about the humming of Mayilrage of hers that was just an accident...

Complicated song with 3-4 raagas in Yuvraaj: Madhushree
Sun Sep 16, 2007 7:14 pm

Hi all,

On Friday, the celebrity on Rahmania Radio show was Madhushree...

"The most complicated song I have ever sung, is the song that we recently recorded for the Subhash Ghai movie. Rahman ji has used some 3-4 raagas and it is so amazing!!"

"I thank ARR. If it wasnt for him, I would still be in South America, teaching music and my voice wouldnt have reached all over the world as it has today!!"

"The way very different and unique sounding humming in Mayiliragae was recorded is very interesting. He gave me the tune and asked me to improvise and sing the humming in whatever way I wanted. I hummed the same tune in many different ways and style, but he kept saying, 'No.. i want something different'
Finally, I was slightly fed up... and said 'if u want very different humming then i have to do only this' and mimicked the tune in childish manner... I did that for fun!! But that was the one he liked and said that was awesome and used it for the song!!"


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Madhushree's Marudhani - Sakarakatti AGAIN No.1 in Behindwoods TOP 10!

Madhushree's Marudhani - Sakarakatti AGAIN No.1 in Behindwoods TOP 10!

Album: Sakkarakatti

Song: Marudaani…

Music director: A.R.Rahman

Singer(s): Madhusree, ARR, Henry

The song ‘Taxi’ overwhelmed all the other songs in the movie to begin with and it is really nice to see a couple of them asserting themselves on the charts now. Composed on the Maand scale probably, the song has a perky opening bit of music and some strong rhythms. Madhusree adds sweetness to the song by her soft articulation.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Madhushree's voice again Mistaken for Sadhana Sargam's....

Music Review : Welcome To Sajjanpur
By Satyajit, Bollywood Trade News Network

Director : Shyam Benegal
Music : Shantanu Moitra
Lyrics :
Swanand Kirkire, Ashok Mishra
Starring :
Shyam Benegal
Shantanu Moitra
Swanand Kirkire, Ashok Mishra
Shreyas Talpade, Amrita Rao, Ravi Kishan, Ila Arun, Divya Dutta, Yashpal Sharma, Rajeshwari Sachdev

Mohit Chauhan is getting refined and improvised with every passing day and it is clearly evident in this sentimentally pristine soundtrack ''Ek Meetha Marz De Ke''. Kudos to lyricist Swanand Kirkire for showing his lyrical flare in poetically elegiac wordings like ''Is khatt mein jo siyahi hai, sun mere aanson se bani hai…'' This tender paced ballad progresses with fine blend of poetic touches and it gets mellifluously complemented with equally serene vocals of Sadhana Sargam. This delectably supple track falls in the cadre of ''Piyu Bole'' (PARINEETA) that will be appreciating ''love chemistry'' on silver screen and will be getting added in the collection of class listeners.

Wow... i seriously thought this is one of the songs which Madhushree didnt sound like Sadhana Sargam... but people r still confused between both their voices.....

The thing is, Madhushree and Sadhana do share the similar voice here and there, but Madhushree's voice texture is more on the sweet and softer tone.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome To Sajjanpur - Ek Meetha Marz De Ke Song Review -

Welcome To Sajjanpur - Ek Meetha Marz De Ke Song Review -

Music Review of WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR by Aakash Gandhi
September 20th, 2008

Music Review

By Aakash Gandhi
Reviewer’s Rating: 7.5/10

I was simply licking my chops upon reading that Mohit Chauhan and Madhushree were heading the duet for Ek Meetha Marz De Ne. I was anything but disappointed! Upon the opening notes you know that this is going down as one of 2008’s best. Mohit Chauhan once again steals our heart in this extremely romantic ballad, written poignantly by Swanand Kirkire. Arrangements are as soft and soul-stirring as can be. We have a romantic background highlighted by pure acoustic riffs, mingled within the gorgeous bass line. Other instrumental highlights that flourish are piano and flute. Madhushree, as always, lends the most gentlest of touch in her supportive rendition. Both vocal textures share such great chemistry, only recently matched by perhaps the Sonu Nigam-Shreya Ghoshal duo.

Welcome To Sajjanpur - Ek Meetha Marz De Ke Song Review -

Welcome To Sajjanpur - Ek Meetha Marz De Ke Song Review -

Puts the 'cool' back in 'gaon'

by Vishal Oberoi

Both the softer ballads on the album are first-rate. “Ek Meetha Marz De Ke”, featuring Mohit Chauhan and Madhushree, is beautifully composed and can definitely be nominated as one of the best romantic ballads of this year.

Welcome To Sajjanpur - Ek Meetha Marz De Ke Song Review -

Welcome To Sajjanpur - Ek Meetha Marz De Ke Song Review -
By Sheetal Tiwari -
14 September 2008

Next is Ek Meetha Marz De Ke by the up and coming favourite Mohit Chauhan ('Tum Hi Se' from Jab We Met and 'Is This Love' from Kismat Konnection) who is later joined by Madhushree. This is a slow and melodious romantic track with a nice blend of modern and traditional music. Lyrics are brilliantly written by Swanand Kirkire. Again, the song is about a letter where the writers are missing each other and long for the separation to end. The song is vocally potent and Mohit delivers another great performance. His unique and emotive voice suits the theme of the song. Madhushree is delightful as always with a voice akin to legends such as Lata Mangeshkar.

Welcome To Sajjanpur - Ek Meetha Marz De Ke [Madhushree's Latest Hindi Number]

Welcome To Sajjanpur - Ek Meetha Marz De Ke [Madhushree's Latest Hindi Number]

Starring : Amrita Rao, Ravi Kishan, Shreyas Talpade
: Shantanu Moitra
: Shyam Benegal
: Ronnie Screwvala
Released Date : September 2008

Ek Meetha Marz De Ke
Madhushree, Mohit Chauhan

Ive yet to listen to the song, but ive attached the online player here so u guys can listen.... here it is :

Listen to Welcome To Sajjanpur - hindi Audio Songs at

INDIPOP TOP 10 - Lagi Lagi Song Number 1 !!

INDIPOP TOP 10 - Lagi Lagi Song Number 1 !!

Sep 22 - Sep 28,2008

Lagi Lagan
Lagi Lagan
Big Music

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lagi Lagan Enters IndiPop Top Seller Rank

Lagi Lagan Enters IndiPop Top Seller Rank

Position Album Artist Weeks on
Up 1 Teri Deewani
Sony BMG
Up 2 Teri Justajoo
Sony BMG
Down 3 Go Jhoom
Down 4 The Power Of Bhangra
Down 5 India's No. 1's
Down 6 Saiyyan
Kailash Kher
Up 7 Koi Aanay Wala Hai
Sony BMG
Down 8 Saturday Night Hitz
Up 9 Niyaz
Down 10 Lagi Lagan
Big Music