Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Madhushree Has A Beautiful Voice " - A.R.Rahman

Recently, A.R.Rahman ,the Maestro of Indian Music, has given an interview on this musical journey and some advises in Deccan Chronicle... Here is wut he has to say about Madhushree :

Krish (Question) : Is it necessary for a singer to relate to the lyrics?

A.R.Rahman : If you don't know the language, it is okay. But if not, you should go learning about it. I always tell Madhushree, make sure you do not come out of the studio without getting every word correct. It is not necessary for me that the singer should know the language. For example Madhushree sang for me three times Vaaji Vaaji, she has a beautiful voice, but does not know a word in Tamil. But yeah, it is good to know what you are singing. So maybe getting a translator would help.

Link :

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Madhushree's Icy 'N' Spicy Numbers Download Link

Hey Guys, i have searched high & low for the mp3s, and finally ,phew!! i got them from this website a huge huge huge huge thanks to them.... with this, i provide u with the download link for both the Madhushree's number...

Music by : Dilip Sen
Released : August 2007
Quality : 128 Kbps

1.Aankhon Mein Shole (remix) - Madhushree, Jaspreet

2.Kya Bura Kiya - Madhushree


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ding Dong Kovil Mani - Ji - Madhushree's 1st Tamil Hit number....

Song : Ding Dong
Music : Vidhyasagar
Singers : Madhu Balakrishnan and Madhushree
Year : 2004

Ok, here is it. Madhushree's 1st Tamil hit number. It was a SUPER HIT infact. Everyone, everywhere was requesting this song during the year 2004. And whats amazing Madhu's diction here is awesome. This song is awesome!!! One of the best love song in Tamil film Industry i must say!! Vidhyasagar at his best!! Listen to the part Madhushree sings " Satra munbe nilavaram, enthan nenjil KALAVARAM... KALAVARAMMMMM"... the way she says "KALAVARAM" is so appropriate! She goes in this tone where as if she felt the pain. AWESOME!!! Only a few singers can do this, and Madhushree definitely is 1 of them.... Superb Voice!! Watch the video below.....

Kaaviriya Kaaviriya - Desam Video

Hey guys, well, i have 'created' this video song, Kaaviriya Kaaviriya - Desam. Ofcource i did it becoz it was a Madhushree number, and im a great fan of A.R.Rahman. It was awesome !! most of the part sync so well with the Tamil song. I think this is where Vaali's brilliance scores high!! It took me weeks to find a good quality of this video, and finally i found it in this forum called Guess a guy called Vinyas released it. A huge thanks to that forum. And ofcource, the audio i got it from my own CD is u r wondering... haha... View the video down. and do comment yea..>!!

will be back with the Video download link...i notice the video's quality has degrade when ive uploaded it in YouTube. Hmmm...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Vaaji Vaaji, Song of the Year 2007 - By Vijay TV ( Madhushree sung in Hindi too)

Hey u all there.... well, Vaaji Vaaji, from the movie Sivaji was chosen as the Song of The Year 2007 by Vijay TV . And they held a show/event on the Bests of 2007. Well, Madhushree was present, and she sung a few lines of Vaaji Vaaji in Hindi. It sounds awesome.... It sounded better in hindi, IMHO. Watch it here:

Thanks for Aravind82 for posting this video.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Madhushree's "Icy 'N' Spicy" songs promo.... Finally...Phew!!

Hey there all, finally i manage to find the promo of the songs, which will last for 1.16 mins. Thank god the official Website,, has the promo. I recorded it and ive uploaded here for u guys to listen to it. Its a rocking number. Listen to Madhushree's voice here. She has sung it so sexily ! haha... really, very seducing kinda husky tone. Basically the Remix they mention there is actually the remix of the Solo number Madhushree sang, ' Kya Bura Kiya '. But im not sure why they used a diff line from that song as the tittle for the remix. Its gives an impression that its a diff song. Well, here it is guys...

Kya Bura Kiya

Kya Bura Kiya - Ma...


Aankhon Mein Shole...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shibu Pintu Ft Madhushree - Ghar Jayegi - Awesome Number !!

Hey there all Madhushree fans.... i hope u guys didnt miss this number out( Its supposedly a remix of an old song " Ghar Jayegi " from the movie Khusbhoo. Which was originally sung by Asha Bhosle. so yea, this song was released in the year 2005, in an ablum called Babydoll Hot One's Volume-2.

So yea, she didint imitate Asha's style, and gave it a new life. She gave this song a very loving feeling. Loved the way she went " La la la " during the second charanam.

well, if u guys never heard of this number, here i provide u with the video clip.!!

An awesome number by Madhushree !! But i think the lead dancer's dancing is abit weak. Nevertheless, a decent choreography and nicely planned drama. This is 1 of the remix which has very pumpy beats that will make u wanna dance along with it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein - Jodhaa Akbar, Beautiful number of Madhushree

In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein - Jodhaa Akbar

Ever listened to this number ? She only has a few lines in this song. But nevertheless, the moments she was in the song, was 1 of the best. To be precise, she comes in the min : 3:21.

The way she enters the song, it was like some violin instrument playing. At 1st, i taut it was a instrument, but then only noticed it was her humming. The was very soft in this song. U could simply close ur eyes & just enjoy her portion.

Its a pitty she didnt sang the tamil version though. I felt Chitra spoilt the song with her rendition. She didint have the silkness of Madhushree's voice & the magic of rendition that Madhu has. Thank goodness Madhushree sang the Telugu version of In Lamhoon.

Think she didint sang the Tamil version becoz of the many " Bharathiyaars" commenting on her diction isnt? Hmmm.... i felt its a big mistaken. If Madhushree was remained for the Tamil version, think it could have atleast saved it. Jodha Akhbar in Tamil was disastrous overall. Couldnt bare to listen to it after 3-4 listenin.

Well, back on this track, her portion was very silky and smooth. Loved her entrance & not to mention her rendition where she goes as in Lullaby singing at 3:34 - 3:41. Awesome.....

Monday, March 10, 2008

Madhushree sung 2 numbers in 'Icy & Spicy', a 3D animation featured film last year.

‘’ ICY ‘N’ SPICY ‘’ is destined to be India’s first 3 – D full length animation feature film , Due for release in first week of 4th April 2008. It is a project which was conceived more than two years back by the young and dynamic director Anil Goyal and was brought to the drawing board nearly 18 months back . The movie is under the computer – based animation phase, being executed by RTM , for over 15 months now. RTM , based in Delhi , has a background in I T industry and animation , multi-media , though primarily aimed at the education industry . Well – known script – writer Harvinder Mankkar , has written the script . Having worked with two of the best – known international organizations in the field of Lighting and Texturing , Manoj Kumar is heading these all –important departments of the animation film – making for Icy ‘N’ Spicy . One of the best animators in India , Parizat Saurabh , is working with a project – team of 35 professionals of R T M Technologies Pvt Ltd . The film is being made in India using professional animation talent for which India has been a known outsourcing destination by the leading Hollywood film studios . Being the first full – length 3 D feature animation made in India , the movie is likely to be a hit with all age –groups ; yet world –wide experience shows that an animation title has a very high and lasting appeal with children . Voice – over for the characters of the movies’ protagonists are provided by leading professionals from the field . Since research on Indian audience continues to underline a preference for music and songs , the movie has eight songs sung Udit Narayan, Shaan, Vasundhra Dass, Hariharan, Pomela Jain, Madhushree, Javed Ali and Vani Babbar . The score and music of the film is under the able direction of Dilip Sen .
These r the track listing :

Music by : Dilip Sen
Released : August 2007

1.Aankhon Mein Shole (remix) - Madhushree, Jaspreet
2.Gantu I Love You - Udit Narayan
3.Icy N Spicy (Title) - Vani Babbar, Rohit
4.Ishq Deewani - Vasundhara Das
5.Kya Bura Kiya - Madhushree
6.Kya Khoya Kya Paaya - Hariharan
7.Super Icy Super Spicy - Javed Ali
8.Tujhe Chaaha - Shaan

i tried to looking for the songs online, but no traces for any. Surprisingly not even has it.... weird!....

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Sexiest Singers - Madhushree is in the List too...

Lately i found out this forum, [Santa Banta] had this post consisting of 'The Sexiest Singers' in Music Industry. And Madhushree was listed along.It was posted on Jan 2008. Check it out below....


Who she is: Madhushree's real name is Sujata Bhattacharya. It was A R Rahman who asked her to change her name, as he felt Sujata was too common a name in the music world.
She has sung for various Hindi movies like Saathiya, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Swades, Rang De Basanti and Guru.
She has sung in Tamil and Telugu films as well.
Style file: Madhushree is not overtly stylish, and usually wears saris at her stage shows. But her smile makes her look stunning.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Uyire En Uyire - Aadatha Aatamellam [A Madhushree number which was NOT exposed]

As everyone know, A.R.Rahman's sister, A.R.Rehana, composed songs for the film Aadatha Aatemellam in the year 2006. The audio went unnoticed. But there is this song in the film, sung by Madhushree, which sounded very good, but was pulled down along with the audio's fate due to poor advertisement and promos. Infact, u CANT get the mp3 of this film ANYWHERE. its very very very rare to get a good copy of it. Its like a doubt whether did anyone ever bought the CD in the 1st place.

Well, the song is here, and ill recommend u to listen to it. It sounds nice, something like a 1960s melody with a touch of 2000's percussions. Dr.Narayanan, an usual A.R.Rahman backup singer sang some humming in this song aswell. Madhushree sounds awfully sweet in this song and the lyrics r good too. Music is good but nothing to rave about. For me, the only highlight of the song is Madhushree's rendition for the tune.

Love the parts where she goes in high pitch... "Athe parakagirathe...Uyirai....iii...". The charanams sounds good though. Madhushree as usual delivers the song as if she is feeling the lyrics fully. Esp the part she goes " Iravum, Pagalum..." in a very hissing way. And some part she drags the words along & gives a smile along with it.... Pure Goddess :).... do not miss this number... here it is.....

Uyire En Uyire - A...

Mohabbat Zindagi Hai - Moksha [Madhushree's First Hindi Song]

This is Madhushree's 1st Hindi song, Mohabbat Zindagi Hai - Moksha .infact an entrance to Indian Music World as a Singer. The credits for this song is : Music - Rajesh Roshan and Lyrics - Javed Akhtar. A Monisha Koirala starrer film, in the year 2001. A very smooth lovely song. And at 1 part the music races fast going into a fast paced portion. An awesome song, but i doubt it did the trick for Madhu in Hindi filmdom aswell. But nevertheless, its awesome for me :).... Listen to the track here :

Moksha - Madhushre...

Nilavile Nilavile - Ahaa Ethanai Azhagu [Madhushree's First Tamil Song]

Nilavile Nilavile - Ahaa Ethanai Azhagu [Madhushree's First Tamil Song]

This track is Madhushree's 1st Tamil song, in the year 2003. She was credited as "Sujatha" in the inlay. She sang the song along with Udit Narayan. Hmm... this song is peppy & sweet, and her Tamil diction is not so bad here. U would wanna listen to it. It starts with her vocal going " Ahaaa...Aaa...Nana..Nana..Nana...Nana... ahhh" its nice song overall. But i guess it was not enough to give her the break she needed in Tamil Music Industry. U can listen to this song here :

Udit Narayan, Madh...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ivana Yuvana & Yelo Yelo Kadhal - Kokki tracks...

Hmmm... these 2 tracks r really beautiful tracks that was definetly underrated.... Both have excellent rendition by Madhu and ofcource very sweet music & lyrics. its from the movie Kokki, a movie released in 2006.

the track " Ivana....Yuvana....Madhana...Manmadhana?...." is an awesome fast paced love duet. Its on the line of Sadhana's " Yeno...Kangal" from the movie Kalvanin Kadhali. Ok.. this is 1 of the best track of Madhu in Tamil. There is a very haunting humming part " Ahhh... Ahh Ahh...." rendered by Madhushree. It comes in both the charanams... And the lyrics too r very good like " Vaanavedhiyil Nadhapoma?? " If u r interested in listenin to it, Click the play button below to listen to it :

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from the same movie, there is this another track rendered by Madhushree, a Solo number. Very folkish lyrics to start the song " Yelo Yelo Kadhal Vanthal Yelo...Yelo..." It has one of the best Tamil diction number of Madhushree....the whole song has Madhushree 'feeling' each & every lines... u can notice it by the way she Smiles in every line where it needs it, and when there is a lyric where needs u too tone down a lil, she delivers it excellently. for instance the part : 1:20 - 1:32. very very sweet lyrics.... and some parts Madhu has really create magic by her rendition, for instance listen to this min : 2 :33 - 2:44. Simply soul stiring. And the tune is excellent. A very lilting number!! a musnt miss for all Madhushree's fan & ofcource music lovers. Click the play button below to listen to it :

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do send in ur comments yea....