Friday, July 30, 2010

Madhushree Taking Up Tamil Classes

The Voice Goddess has stated she has started taking up Tamil classes to sing her Tamil songs more perfectly. She has sung dozens of Tamil Hits over the decade. Almost all her Tamil songs were Hit.Despite not knowing the meaning of the words, She has given the emotion and mood rightly for all her songs. Now, she learning Tamil can only mean she is going to shine well in the pronunciation department. Excellent News indeed!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Namakamey - Komaram Puli Song Review - Idlebrain

Nammakameeyara is the only track in this soundtrack that I went back to instantaneously after the first listening. Despite slight traces of Aparanji Madanude [Merupu Kalalu] in the opening portions and overall lyrical essence of O Paalanhaare [Lagaan] this is a strikingly soothing prayer track in a magical confluence of gifted voices like Chitra and Madhushree. Wonder what kind of contribution Harini made to this track for she is barely audible. Rahman is probably the only contemporary music director that has composed quite a few delectable devotional/bhajan tracks, in commercial films, like O Paalanhaare [Lagaan], Ishwar Allah [1947 – Earth], Ek Tu Hi [Pukar], Aparanji Madanude [Merupu Kalalu], Pal Pal [Swades], Man Mohana [Jodhaa Akbar], Piya Haji Ali [Fizaa], Khwaja Mere Khwaja [Jodhaa Akbar], Arziyan [Delhi 6], Maherbaan [Ada], each outshining the other.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Puli - Namakame Song Review - Tamilomovie

6. Namakame - Chitra, Madhushree, Harini

This is a purely devotional song sounding similar to ‘Gopalanu Haare’ in Aamir Khan’s ‘Lagaan’ again a musical score from A.R. Rahman. The excellent combination of Chitra, Madushree and Harini stands out as a highlighting attribute. A.R. Rahman’s synthesized orchestration on stringed instruments makes it more enhancing.

Namakame - Puli Song Review

Song 6 - Nammakame

Singers: Chitra, Madhushree, Harini

This one is a reminder of ‘O Palan Haare’ from Lagaan, and voice is the same – Madhushree, though added grace comes in the voices of Chitra and Harini.

But it is the lyrics that are heart wrenching, as Rahman takes us into the realms of bhakti and spirituality. Obviously this is going to be coming in the Background!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Madhushree Sings all 3 Version of Endhiran Number

A good News, Madhushree has twitted a few months back that she has crooned all the 3 versions of her number in Endhiran, in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Awesome News indeed!

Hi Guys, just finished singing the Hindi version of "Robot". The Rajnikant/Shankar. movie. I had to match my Tamil and Telugu versions...

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