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Marudhani - Sakarakatti Song Review MusicIndiaOnline.com

Marudhani - Sakarakatti Song Review MusicIndiaOnline.com

The album wraps up with an awesome melodic number ‘Marudhaani’ coming from maestro Rahman. A sweet and soothing number this one relies more on the vocals of Madhushree and Rahman with less instrumentation. Rahman as a singer is fantastic and as a composer he tries his hands in something novel.


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Lagi Lagan Song Samples HERE ..... LISTEN TO THEM....!!

Hi guys... Im providing u guys the samples of Lagi Lagan songs here, i recorded from Madhushree's official website... I want the songs to reach to the Tamil Makkals too... so providing here might be easier for those frens who wants to listen to certain number only.... [ and to those who visits my blog and closes it with just viewing the main page... haha] listen to them here.....Do not miss these numbers... its really good....If you like it, please buy the ORIGINAL CD copy when it releases.... Thank You.....

My Personal FAV. being the number " Barsaan Lagi "..... Awesome number.....


Lagi Lagi :

Aye Na Baalam:

Piya Lagi Lagan:

Barsaan Lagi:

Jabse Syam:

Manat Rahi:

Babul Mora:

Lagi Lagi Club Mix:

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The Performer

The Performer

Watch "Madhushree"
DD-National channel
Every Monday 10 pm

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Madhushree releases new album : Video

Madhushree releases new album
Singer Madhushree releases her new album 'Lagi Lagan'. Madhushree says she still has a lot to say after her previous album 'Jhoome Jiya Re'.


Guys, just open the page and wait, check on ur right hand side, there will be a video playing, some University's Ad, or was it scholarship, oh wut eva.. haha... but yea, after that Ad, the clip of the shooting of the video song will be played.

Oh yea... Madhushree has shared some info with us there.... she has even spoke about her Tere Bina - Mukhbiir track. Do check it out.....

BTW, Look at Madhushree, goodness... such a Goddess!!! She looks awfully young in this clip when she ties her hair... ;)..... and her gestures r very beautiful too... :)

Madhushree ROCKS!!! God Bless Her always..... :)

Madhushree's album Lagi Lagan

Madhushree would like to intorduce herself as a classical playback singer,for more than one decades.She have had the privilege of learning these styles from Great Master Performers like her father Amar Bhattacharaya ,Omi Ranjan Banerjee and Yesudevji. After her marriage to Robbui Badal, she has been performing regularly to promote national integration and towards better undrstanding of classical arts and for global peace."Lagi Lagan" is her debut album through Big Music and this album has two vedios.After winning Jhoom India ,Madhushree is back in action with this album.This album is fusion of modern and classical music.


Marudhani - Sakarakatti Song Review by Farzad Khaleel

Marudhani - Sakarakatti Song Review by Farzad Khaleel
Rahman’s Sakkarakatti ~ Music Review


Ahh Goosebumps. My favorite !! Song begins with heavy beats. This song is soo soothing and I fell love with it, when I first hear it. Madhusree’s voice is creating magic all over in the song. If you are looking for a love anthem after “Munbe Vaa”, then here is the next gift from Rahman. Do you remember Rahmans “Yelelo” humming in Roja ? That’s it. Did it create Goosebumps to you ? Then this song will also do the same. Now My Ipod is counting this song as 220th time and it will keep on counting. Its a must hear song. Go ahead, buy this CD. This song is worth for your money.


Assign Madhushree's "Lagi Lagan" Album songs as ur Ringtone !!!

Hi guys, Here is the link to assign Lagi Lagan songs as ur ringtone ......


Exclusively by Rediff Mobile.....

Listen To Lagi Lagan Songs [Sample] in www.madhushree.com NOW!!

Madhushree fans.... browse to http://www.madhushree.com/home.html and listen to the samples.... The songs r ROCKING....... !!!!!!!!! The songs will be played automaticly from the Player in the site.... just log onto http://www.madhushree.com/home.html and listen....

LAGI LAGAN1. "barsan lagi sawan boondyan, tore bin lage na mora jiya"
2. "aye na balam ka karun sajni, tadpat biti more tum bin"
3. "lagi lagi karejwa me lagi, lagan tose rahiyo na jaye"
4. "piya lagi laganiya jin todo, ye naina aur son jin jodo"
5. "jabse shyam sidhaar, tadap tadap jiya jaye"
6. "manat nahi hamaar. binnati karat hun"
7. "babul mora, nayhar chutohi jaye"
8. lagi lagi (house remix)
9. piya lagi (video edit)

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LAGI LAGAN ...songs to hear from tomorrow on wwww.Madhushree.com

LAGI LAGAN ...songs to hear tomorrow on this site.

Dear Fans,
You can hear my album songs tomorrow on this site!!!!!!!
And don,t forget to write your comments....



Mukbiir -Tere Bina Song Review By By Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network

Mukbiir -Tere Bina Song Review By By Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network

Next up 'Tere Bina' is a totally Indian style, semi-classical, raga based number, one which will be patronized by lovers of this type of music. Last one heard such a track was in BHOOL BHULAIYYA ('Mere Dholna'), and this one too matches it classically and ambience wise. The composer Kartik Raja sure knows Hindustani classical music well and has used bare minimum musical instruments. The lead singer too does an exemplary job.


Ive mentioned the singer is Madhushree in the comment section below the review.... hope the reviewer edits his review by adding Madhushree's name in.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mukbiir -Tere Bina Song Review By Saurabh

Mukbiir -Tere Bina Song Review By Saurabh

The next track “Tere Bina” is composed by Kartik Raja and this one reminds of “Dil Mera Ek Taara” from 16 December which was sung by Sadhna Sargam. The song is very melodious and of the same genre as the song from 16 December was .Kartik had composed that song also quite beautifully and even this one is of same level . This track is sung by Madhushree who strangely has sung very less songs in spite of such a sweet and soulful voice . She again creates that same old magic of hers and this one would really look romantic on screen if the chemistry works amongst the leads . The song from 16 December was shot beautifully with Milind Soman and Aditi Govitrikar with very nice on screen chemistry adding to its beauty .


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Madhushree on http://madhushree-mania.blogspot.com/



I am proud and very grateful to Dinesh Searan, whom I have never met in person, but did this incredible job, by creating this blog for me.
I, m asking all my fans to write any comments about my songs in this blog also.

Thank you Dinesh….


- OMG !! - This news just made my day...no..infact my life... haha.... i was as usual wanted to check for news from her official website, and was shocked seing my blog's url in the news section... i was like whoaa.... got so exited ... :D.... gosh...no words to explain my feelings... i even too screenshots of the wbsite with the news... lol.....
I Think Madhushree is one of the singers who loves connecting to her fans... not many singers r like that..... im glad she is 1 awesome lady!!! not to mentioned, awesome voice too... :D :D !!!!

Madhushree MaNiA - Orange Theme Winamp Skin - Modern

Hey Madhushree Fans out there, i have created another Madhushree Winamp skin. This time i used the colour Orange and Black as the main theme becoz of the pic, thanks to a fellow blogger who captures this pic. Sorry i dun remember ur name, but thanks allot buddy :). Here is the download link. And yea once u have downloaded it, place the file in the folder : C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins
For Winamp Modern .....


My Previous Skin, if some of u guys might have missed it :


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Tere Bina - Mukhbiir Song Reveiw by Planet Bollywood

Tere Bina - Mukhbiir Song Reveiw by Planet Bollywood

Tere Bina reverts to traditional Hindi music but one with a difference in that it holds a light mystical charm and one that grows on you as the song progresses. However let’s be clear on one thing, it relies heavily on the absolutely magical vocals of Sadhna Sargam [???????] which will blow you away! Listen to it for her truly bewitching rendition particularly at 2:20mins where she stops singing for a few words...otherwise the music is enjoyable and has a particularly delightful percussion / piano piece to support it. The musician behind this one is Kartik Raja. Mukhbiir is turning out to be a fascinating soundtrack after all!

(Note the CD Cover of Mukhbiir OST was poorly constructed, very little information was given to credit each song for the singers and lyricists and consequently the review reflects this).

See what i mean.......... Sheesh........... Thanks to the poor audio package and i wonder why people still mistakes Madhushree for Sadhana Sargam.....!!! ???


Marudhani Song NUMBER 1 at Behindwoods Top 10 Audio!!!!!

Album: Sakkarakatti

Song: Marudaani…

Music director: A.R.Rahman

Singer(s): Madhusree, A.R.Rahman, Henry

With Rahman, you cant expect anything less, of course. Very pleasing opening bars that catch your fancy. The song seems to be based on the raag Maand. Vaali’s lyrics talk basically about love. Though a little heavy on rhythms, the song grows on you after sometime.


Tere Bina - Mukhbir - Music by Karthik Raja - Madhushree

Hi guys...im in a state of shock.... its composed by Karthik Raja, and its a Madhushree number, and a blog r reviewing the songs praising the song as a "Sadhana Sargam" song....

And websites credit the singer of this song " Sonu Kakkar" ....

How come things like this always happens to a Madhushree song??? Its a beautiful song and it was not credited propally, not sure why the audio company makes such a big mess.


And i must tell u this.... its A BEAUTIFUL SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodness... beautiful i tell u... listen to it here :

Listen to Mukhbiir - hindi Audio Songs at MusicMazaa.com

Madhushree's song in Mukhbir...

Madhushree,s song in Mukhbir...

As we came to know about Mukhbir,s story line , we could understand, why the film was aloof for so long. And even it is slated to release this month, you never know for sure if will will happen.
The producer, the director and even the music company BMG/CRECENDO didn,t bother to mentioned the singers name on the audio c.d..
We like inform you,that "Tere Bina" is rendered by Madhushree,a beautiful song in this movie.
Another song "Piya Mora Banjaara", sung by Rekho Rao, is also neglected by the decision makers to be named.
So Fans now you don,t have to guess who the singers are of the unnamed songs in Mukhbir.

After the succes of Jjhoom India, ANOTHER REALITY

After the succes of Jjhoom India, ANOTHER REALITY

After the great succes of Jjoom India with Sachin Tyagi,Madhushree has joined yet another reality show.Not as a mentor but as a judge.
With two other judges, one with musical notes, Shravan(Nadeem Shravan Duo) and the other with sher shayari, Ravindra Jain.
It is a home production of the latter and is slated to be telecast through DD1 later this month.
When asked Madhushree, why she choose to be a judge, she simply answered,"I had enough of the judgement in Jjhoom India, I feel good to judge now"


Marudhani - Sakarakatti Song Review by Alan Hadle .H

Marudhani - Sakarakatti Song Review by Alan Hadle .H


Madhusree's voice is soothing..Amazing rendering.. and just when u set
your mood to the tune ,ARR comes in with an amazing humming.Madhusree
has improvised her pronunciation a lot .The chorus is amazing!!!the
lyrics are the backbones of this song... pure A.R.R melody....
Call it the Song of the year!!!!!
total FULL 10
those who were there for the launch will know that the picturisation
is one of the best in recent times!!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Marudhani - Sakarakatti Song Review by Anandhan Subbiah

Marudhani - Sakarakatti Song Review by Anandhan Subbiah

Marudani (Madhushree, A R Rehman, Henry)
The best song of the album. Madhusree is amazing. She has a voice which reminds me of my favorite singer Shreya Ghosal. There is a very good chance to mistake her voice for Shreya if you don’t look at the cd cover.The song has a wonderful tune packed with wonderful lyrics and the typical hymn in the background used by Rehman adds to the ambience.The song is free flowing and is sure to top the charts. Rehman does not provide a lot of support on the vocal side but packs the punch on the creative side. There is ample scope to perform magic on the screen . Hopefully the choreographer has utilized the opportunity effectively.


Ok, this is something new for me... Madhushree sounds like Shreya Goshal??? I know she sounds like Sadhana Sargam sometimes, but Shreya Ghoshal ??????

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Maruthani - Sakarakatti Song Review by lordoftheweb

Maruthani - Sakarakatti Song Review by lordoftheweb

Marudhaani- Madhushree, A.R. Rahman, Hentry
Disappointment for all ARR fans hoping to catch a song fully sung by him. Rahman only hums at few points in the song but makes up for it with his music. Madhushree has sung with her usual charm and her pronunciation is very crisp and clear. Rahman’s humming is awesome and complements Madhushree’s singing. A very soothing and melodious number. A good picturization can only make it all the more better.


More Maruthani Song reviews...

I like this song and Madhushree sings it very well but
its not the best from the album unfortunately. It’s quite
slow but nice background music and ARR’s nananananaa covers the


marudaani..rehman’s album is usually incomplete without the genius himself..
madhusree begins beautifully and maintains herself throughout the song..yet another hit from rehmann’madhusree combo..rahman pitches in with the symphony
and does a fair job..however u do miss him as a lead singer..


Blogger Benly View on Maruthani Song

Blogger View on Maruthani Song : Benly

I am in love with the song Marudhaani. What a song? Simply superb tune, Madhushree's voice, haunting chorous, Vaalees Lyrics and Goose bumpifying humming by THE BOSS..what more can you ask for? Another Munbe Vaa is all i can say as of now.

PS : I like the way Madhushree goes Siru kutram, Parisutham.... for reasons i dont know. And Rahmans humming following that makes me speechless.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An A.R.Rahman's fan view on Marudhani track and Madhushree.

ramya varma
Tue Jul 15, 2008 1:20 am

Maru daani.. Hmmmm ..Where do I begin. ARR sirs voice and Madhushree's voice compliment each other very well. I like Madhushree's voice, it lifts the composition to a greater level. The song flows like a stream. It has a happy tone to it.All of this is nicely supported by the very talented chorus group too.Brilliant!!


2nd video delayed Lagi Lagan album release!!!!

2nd video delayed the album release!!!!

The making of the second music video of Lagi Lagan has delayed my album release. As per Big Music mailer, the album is slated to be released on the 15th of this month, but the preparation is taking more time than expected. Now is the launch planned at the end of this month, where the maestro A.R.Rahman will do the final cut!!!!!! So fans have patient. It,s worth it…

Source : http://www.madhushree.com/home.html

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Sakkarakatti - Marudhani Song Review By BollyWood Bakwas

Sakkarakatti - Marudhani Song Review By BollyWood Bakwas

Marudhaani (Madhushree,A.R.Rahman,Henry)

Rahman proves he is king of melody with this special number which has excellent vocals of Madhushree who has worked hard to get her pronunciations right. ARR disappoints his fans by not singing a number but his humming and perfect background musical support gives a great boost to this wonderful composition from the master. As a fan of ARR i would have loved to see him sing a whole number in this album but you cannot take anything away from this magical piece of melody.

Full Review at : http://www.bollywoodbakwas.com/2008/07/sakkarakatti-music-review.html

Sakkarakatti - Marudhani Song Review By Sai

Sakkarakatti - Marudhani Song Review By Sai

Sakkarakatti - Audio Review

With everything from the movie riding on the shoulders of a single person, AR Rahman, and considering Rahman's track record with films where he is the lone savior, one's blood is really pumped to listen to the music where he doesn't have to deal with too big expectations associated with stars, directors, etc. And 'Sakkarakatti' brilliantly adds up to the list of low key films where Rahman works up his magic wonderfully well

6. Marudhaani – A typical Rahman start to the song. Reminds a bit of `Sahana Saaral' from the blockbuster Shivaji. Madhushree puts in a lot more effort with her Tamil pronunciation and it clearly shows in the song. Madhushree does a great job with her singing as she is always brilliant. Rahman gives her brilliant support with the background instruments. A minor bit of disappointment is that, he doesn't sing with her for the whole song but he does satisfy us a bit by singing a few small parts in the song which will make his hardcore fans (LIKE ME!) go berserk! But I still Miss Rahman the singer and it's a disappointment that we don't have a full fledged song from him in this album. But another very soothing and melodious number that should be primarily a hit with the city audiences.

Rating: 9.4/10

For his full audio review, click here : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arrahmanfans/message/97703

Sakkarakatti - Marudhani Song Review By Vinith

Sakkarakatti - Marudhani Song Review By Vinith

After a long wait, the Sakkarakatti songs are out.
The first half of 2008 did not have even one extraordinary album. In seventh month, Sakkarakatti turns out to be a great album with four amazing songs and two ordinary songs. Yes, the wait doesn’t disappoint.

Marudaani – Madhushree, A R Rahman
A soothing melody number with fantastic interludes. There is a good improvement in Madhushree’s diction. Her vocals add good charm to the song. The first interlude is truly mesmerizing. This is another best track in the album. A feminine song which will surely enthrall girls.

To read his review for the full album, click here : http://visionofvinith.blogspot.com/2008/07/sakkarakatti-music-review.html

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Marudhani - Sakarakatti Lyrics

Marudhani Lyrics.
Courtesy : ARR Fans Yahoo group and Orkut ARR community, littlemaster1982 from Mayyam Hub.Haan...ahh..aahh... (Female Humming) [2]

Marudhaani...Marudhaani ...Marudhaani vizhiyil yaen...
Adi poadi deepali
Gangai enra kaan
alai kaatum
aadhal kaanal enru Gangai kaatum...

Vaazhum payirkku thaneer vaendum...
Kaadhal kadhaikkum kanner vendum...

Marudhaani Vizhiyil yaen
adi poadi deepaali
Agaayam man meethu saayathu
Nijamaana kadhal than.. Nilayaana paadal thaan... *
athan oasai ennaalum oyaathu...

Maruthaani...Maruthaani...Maruthaani vizhiyil yaen...

Avan idhaya veetil vaazhum aval degam venthu poagum
ena avan arunthida maataan sottu neerum sottu soarum..
kaadhali kai nagam ellaam pokkisham poale aval semippaal...

ARR: oh...oh..tha ra ara raa ..

oruthikkaaka vazhkira jaathi
vunaravillai innoru paathi

Maruthaani vizhiyil yaen..
marudhaani vizhiyil yaen..
adi poadi deepali..
Nijamaan kadhal than..Nilayaana paadal thaan...
athan oasai ennaalum oyaathu...


aval avan kadhal nenjil kandaale siru kutram
avan nenjam thaai pal poaela ennaalum pari suththam
Aathiram naethiram vooda paalayum kallaiy aval paarkiraal ...

ARR: oh...oh..tha ra ara raa ..

Aaga motham avasara koalam
avalakku athu kaatitum kaalam

Marudhaani...Marudhaani...Marudhaani vizhiyil yaen..
Adi poadi deepali
Gangai enra kaanalai kaatum
kaadhal kaanal enru Gangai kaatum..
Vaazhum payirkku thaneer vaendum...
Kaadhal kadhaikkum kanner vendum..

Marudhaani Vizhiyil yaen
adi poadi deepaali
Agaayam man meethu saayathu
Nijamaan kadhal than.. Nilayaana paadal thaan...
athan oasai ennaalum oyaathu...

Marudhaani...Marudhaani...Marudhaani Vizhiyil Yaen....


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Maruthaani - Sakarakatti .... A W E S O M E!!!!!

Hey there all Madhushree fans...... Sakarakatti album has been released, and audio is a big hit among the online hubbers !!!!!

Maruthani track being the most appriciated 1 frm the album..... !!! everyone is listening to the song non-stop, and praising Madhushree's singging. Ofcource people r still condemning her Tamil Diction, but she somehow saved the song with her excellent skills..... but yea, many have listed "Maruthani" track being the TOP number from Sakarakatti..... Thanks to A.R.Rahman to providing this track to Madhushree, its clear that this song was composed with Madhushree in mind, only she can do justice to this song.... dun believe?? listen to the track here :

Listen to Sakkarakatti - tamil Audio Songs at MusicMazaa.com

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Madhushree's Lagi Lagan Album to Release on 15th July 2008 !!

Music Rights by BIG MUSIC ..... GET UR COPIES after 15th July 08 ! ! ! !

Maruthani - Sakarakatti Sample song....!!!!!

Hey there all.... Maruthani - Sakarakatti, a Madhushree number in Tamil has been out.... i mean only the sample... .listen to it here :


She Rocks......!!!!!!!! and not to mention, A.R.Rahman Rocks too!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anything Nice to Say about Madhushree??

Hey there all, sorry have been busy with my studies and yea, opened up my own blog and running it too... not often too yea..... but been really bz with studies...

Ok well, lemme get to the point... .Any Madhushree fans out there wish to write something on Madhushree's voice or songs?? [something nice ofcource, no haters mail will be entertained].

Just mail them to me : dinesh.theboss@hotmail.com

Anything on Madhushree's voice or songs, say a poem, a saying or anything, send it to me and ill post it here in my blog, each post for each person... if u want, send ur picture too so i can include in the post aswell, that is if u want...

What u waiting for..... Send me......