Friday, May 30, 2008

Madhushree sings for Vivek Oberoi at the function of CPAA

Ham Hain Ispal Yahaan…Jane Ho Kal Kahaan....... Vivek Oberoi says, in the case if you smoke, than you definitely know you where you are going…Madhushree performs at antismoking function of CPAA at Rangasharda with SHANKAR MAHADEVAN, LOI AND EHSAAN.

It was a jam-packed hall with other performers as Mahalaxmi Iyer, Akriti Kakkar, Shweta Pandit, Baba Saigal and many others…

The message was clear from all participations that smoking is very harmful for health and we all should work towards a smoke free world.

Every home should start working with their family and see that it becomes a smoke free home. And the world will slowly become smoke free.

Just think how much positive things you achieve by quitting cigarette and cigarette related products.

Beside the fact, that you become a healthy person, you are taking part of making your own family, your friends and every environment where you use to smoke or use cigarette products a healthy area.

Even the ozone will be in less danger by quitting cigarettes and cancer, as the most fearless sickness on earth will also disappear.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bikhar Gayee - Pranali [2008] - A Madhushree Number

Hey there all Madhu fans.... I was not aware of her latest Hindi number being released lately.... Thank God i checked for Madhushree's song list in Raaga.Com, and found out she had this release this year... I dun wanna go in detail bout the movie, as i think its abit too weird to talk about in a Music blog. Anyways, the song is sweet, i think its a song on a gal's pain, and she is crying it out. Pardon me becoz i dunno Hindi yea... just guessing.... I will post my review on the song later on...Ohh well... Here u go.... listen to this number :

Madhushree - Bikha...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Madhushree's Shreya - Saravana Stores (Antique Jewellery) Tamil AD Rendition

Hey all Madhushree fans out there, im not sure when this AD came... but im guessing after Sivaji, since it had Shreya in the adv. And Madhushree was the 1 rendered this Tamil ad, and she sounds A W E S O M E!!!! The song has the basic tune and beats from A.R.Rahman's Main Vari Vari - Mangal Pandey. But listenin to Madhushree singing it just makes u like the song even more.... She sounds awfully sweet here...... but the volume is low here yea, increase ur volume a bit louder.....

Madhushree ROCKS!!!!

Thanks to the user who uploaded and recorded this.....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Madhushree In " Sakarakatti" - A.R.Rahman's Forthcoming Tamil Album

A.R.Rahman adds more sweetness to the 'Sugar Cube'
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, May 21, 2008]

There is no need to dig up the history and try to explain how the songs composed by A.R.Rahman in a lot of movies have went on to become youth anthems and how the expectations about a film increase and also add pages to its publicity when the news break out loose that the Mozart of Asia is composing the music for the songs in it.

The unit of the new film 'Sakkarakatti' can be assured of peppy, spicy, groovy and addictive music to do service to the ears of the audience as Rahman's compositions have done several times before being a big support factor to the success of the movie.

Getting A.R.Rahman to use his skills in a film is a very difficult task given his busy schedule and if the music maestro selects a movie then definitely he must have found something fascinating in the story of the film.

So the Job of building an aura around the potential of 'Sakkarakatti' a movie targeted at the youth has already been half done.

And when Rahman goes for something, he makes it the best.

A Singer Veena Bharatwaj was flown specially from London to record a song in this new film.

Other singers are Naresh Iyer, now a Rahman regular, Madhu sree, and Benny among others.

The audio tracks of a perfect blend of classical and hip hop music boasts of a song titled "I Miss U Da" which has been given sounds and tones that has never been heard before in Indian Films.

The director of the film himself admitted to have got hooked up with a youthful and inspiring ambiance in A.R.Rahman's studio when the songs were recorded.


Countdown starts............................................

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Madhushree has signed with Big Music

Madhushree has signed with Big Music, A Reliance Company.
The album will be released in the beginning of July 2008
and will be available worldwide.
Royant Music the producer of the album, has already
agreed to start recording another album.
Big Music, has also signed big artists such as
Asha Bhosle and Ghulam Ali and yhey are planning
to launch Big Music in a Big way!!

Madhushree is exited and reacted: "I am really grateful
for this opportunity and happy to part of
this family", she says with a smile.
She says excited: "I have worked on this album for
more than a year, and have put my heart and soul
into it. I am really happy that my fans and
everybody else will be able to hear it now"

So dear readers and fans, be prepared for Madhushree
will soon visit a store near you!!! The team is
working on a special edition which will be
available through the website, so keep on visiting
to be the first to order.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Boys OST - Rani's Theme - Madhushree's Rendition

Hey there, alright, this time, i decided to discuss on one of my MOST Fav. BGM of A.R.Rahman, in the movie Boys (2003) which was directed by Shankar and had new faces as heroes and heroine, but now all r well established actors in the field. Haha, ok, i think i will get to to the point.

So what is this BGM is all about, well, if u have watch the movie, u probably would have known who is the character "Rani". Yes, its the pros who comes in movie, which eventually her presence creates the climax of the film.

So for her Musical Theme, i must say, its one of the MOST MOST creative idea that ARRahman has come up with. Imagine giving a classical rendition for a pros. It kinda shows that hey, even though she is working in this field, she is STILL a woman! And guess who gave voice for this Musical Theme? Haha, ofcource, if it wasn't her,i wouldnt be posting this post here isn't it...

Its Madhushree's number. And OMG, she has done is perfectly!!!!!!! When listenin to the music without watching the scenes, it just makes u closes ur eyes and feel the soul within the music and voice. Madhushree rendered it so sexily at some parts, and some parts it was PURE DIVINE!! Wow... This lady, she is a gift to music field!!! Its such a pity this BGM went just like that becoz no 1 gives imp to OSTs in Indian film. Well, i have provided the bit here, thanks to my ARR fan club member AJ, who ripped the full OST from the Movie. And all i did was cut some parts and made some parts louder, becoz initially it was in a lower level of sound.

Yes, i cant stop praising this beat. Lemme be precise, from 1:54 - 2:21. That was like visiting Heaven, just close ur eyes and listen to the music and Madhushree's voice closely, its just DIVINE!!! i know u can skip to a certain time here in this Esnips player, so i will provide u with the download link. Download it if u like it, well, if u r Music Lover, u should own this. Its magical!!!


Download Links:

Monday, May 12, 2008

Madhushree acknowledges my Blog for Her (Madhushree-Mania)

U know what feels more better than dedicating/expressing ur love for some1??? Its When they take notice of ur works for them. And im very glad that God were kind enough to let Madhushree acknowledges •·.·´¯`·.·•¤ MåÐHú§hRë€ MãÑîà ¤•·.·´¯`·.·•. She was great enough to post a message in her Forum mentioning bout my blog. Here is what exactly she said :

Reply From : madhushree date: May 8 2008 email:
Hi Dinesh, you are incredible with the blog you created for me!!!!!thanx a lot..of course i,m singing lot,s of Tamil songs.Recently i sung for Vidya Sagar and Dhani...
And i know, you all are waiting for my album,s not long anymore...will give you the good new very soon!!!!

May 8th Will be remembered..... :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kotta Kottaga Unnadee (Madhushree) - Swagatham

Kotta Kottaga Unnadee - Swagatham
Starring : Jagapathi Babu, Anushka, Bhoomika Chawla
Music : RP Patnaik
Director : Dasarath
Producer : Aditya Ram

Alright, so this song was released early this year. It is a solo number by Madhushree. And she lifted the song to a different level. She rendered it superbly!! At some places, u can listen to her singing while smiling. And some parts, she sang the words by stretching them long enough to make it sound sexy. Thats 1 of Madhushree's biggest plus point. Ohh well, since i dun understand Telugu, i cant really comment on her diction. But rendition wise, she tops it. U guys out there should give a listen to it. Its a very song with a very different beats to it.

Madhushree - Kotta...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thiya Thiyani - Jodha Akhbar ("In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein" in Telugu)

Thiya Thiyani - Jodha Akhbar ("In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein" in Telugu)

Alrite, so this is the Telugu version, and guess what?? Madhushree sang in the Telugu version aswell. But the Tamil version was sung by Chitra and was spoilt. Chitra pratically spoilt the mood of the song with her 'own' rendition. Well, its a bad luck for the Tamil version i must say, becoz the Telugu version was just as good as the Hindi version. Ohh yea, the male portion was sung by Karthik in Telugu too. Here i let u hear her portion in Telugu version ...