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Sirugugal - Sarvam Song Review by Dinesh Scaran

Hey guys, ive been publishing other websites and bloggers reviews on the song. Now i would like to share my thoughts on the song.

Sirugugal - Javed Ali, Madhushree

- I saw the Cd Inlay, and they credited Madhushree as Madusree. I'll tolerate that. Haha. Anyways, the songs is a very beautiful number, carried beautifully by Javed Ali and Madhushree. The song starts of beautifully by Madhushree's humming, followed by the powerful music starts right after she finishes humming. Wow... great work there Yuvan. The tune is very very sweet, and the lyrics is lovely. Music is very good, though the music's volume swallows the singers voice badly. U need to turn off your woofers (if u are listening through these high techno music systems) to listen to the singers.

Dun think any other singers could have pulled out a better show. Javed Ali sounds allot like Sonu Nigam here. His Tamil pronunciation needs some brushing though. But his rendition is 100% class. Would love to see him sing more in Tamil. We need quality singers like him in Tamil music rather than sticking to the usual Karthik, Benny and what not. We must not have this atittude of sticking to the usual singers. We need some fresh voices around. Javed Ali overall, is very satisfactory no doubt !! He will be the next most wanted singer around, mark my words !

Now on Madhushree. What ever im going to say here, is going to be totally bias, atleast that is what all the readers are going to think that, isnt it? Haha. Anyways, right from the humming, up to the ending's humming, she tottaly Rocked!!!! Her Tamil has improved allot !! Though at some part it does goes off, but i must say its one of her best diction. What is fascinating about Madhushree is that though she has no clear idea what she is singing in Tamil songs, she never compromises on the emotion section. Her emotion in the song was as if she is feeling and living the lyrics. Not many singers does that these days. As far as i know, only Madhushree has the power to emote the song 100%. Very impressed ! Her voice is husky and extremely sexy in this song. Its very difficult not to appriciate her in this song.

Overall, Sirugugal is a winner. Awaiting to see the clear results once the movie release.
Madhushree - Javed Ali is a great combo !!

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Madhushree’s V-Day with kids

Madhushree’s V-Day with kids

Kolammal Shankar [February 16, 2009, 1:35:37 AM]

Valentine’s Day is no more about spending time with your spouse, spouse-to-be or love interest. At least, that is what singer Madhushree seems to say. She spent her V-Day in a very special way -- with colours and a cherubic band of kids.

The singer, along with painter Amisha Mehta, spent V-Day with 40 kids at Kalaghoda. The event, a colour therapy initiative by the painter, was intended at improving kids’ creativity by letting them have a blast of colours on canvas. The little ones were asked to paint whatever they wanted on canvas. No rules or restraints were enforced. No restrictions regarding themes or materials. The result? A riot of colours! Canvases with smiling faces, capturing remarkable and unusual moments in smudged, spilled and happy colours.

Madhushree had a delightful time with the kids, doting on them and encouraging them to paint. The event also saw the participation of popular personalities like veteran writer Brij Katyal, DJ Neeraj and Brinda Miller among others.

Singer Madhushree is quite popular both in the North and the South. She has given hit songs in films like Guru, Yuva, Rang De Basanti, Kal Ho Na Ho, Kuch Na Kaho among others.

This event goes to show that V-Day can be enjoyable otherwise also. Kudos, Madhushree!

Melodious numbers - Sarvam

Melodious numbers

Audio release of “Sarvam”

Audio release Of “Sarvam”

There was a mad rush at Inox, as the crowd wanted to catch a glimpse of stars at the makeshift stage put up at the entrance of Citi Centre. It was the audio release of “Sarvam”, produced by Ayngaran International films. The lead pair Aarya and Trisha met the press after the audio release. Director of the film Vishnuvardhan said the lead pair share a charming chemistry on screen. Music director of the film Yuvan Shankar Raja, cameraman Nirav Shah, producers K. Karuna Moorthy and C. Arunpandian were present.

The film has four songs, all written by Pa. Vijay. The best in the album is ‘Siragugal’, sung by Javid Ali and Madhushree. The lyrics of this melodious song is good. ‘Sutta Suriyane’ sung by Vijay Jesudas is the second best in the album. The composer has sung two songs: ‘Neethane’ and ‘Kattrukkule’. The former is better than the latter. ‘Adada Vaa’ is by Ilaiyaraaja, Kavi and Andriya. When you listen to the numbers, you can’t help but think, Yuvan could have put in a little more effort.


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Sarvam Sirugugal Song Review - VJ's Say...

Sarvam - Music Review
Vijay Ramanathan
Saturday, February 21, 2009

2. Siragugal - Javed Ali, Madhusree

From the very begenning of the song it reminds you of Rahman's "Guzarish", and what makes that more convincing is the same voice(Javed Ali) for both songs. Nevertheless it is a treat for the melody buffs, with Madhusree's sweet voice matching the mood perfectly. Had only Javed's tamil pronounciation been a bit better, the song would have been one among Yuvan's best melodies.

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Sarvam Sirugugal Song Review - Luvix's Blog

Sarvam Sirugugal Song Review - Luvix's Blog

Sound Track Title: Sarvam
Starring: Arya, Trisha Krishnan
Movie Director: Vishnu Vardhan
Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja
rating by me : 4 /5 stars

Another typical yuvan’s composing with different tunes . really nice

1.Siragugal Yengo S ella Iravugal
——-by Javed Ali, Madhushree

Love song for Arya and Trisha. Madhushree rocks and combination of javad ali and madhushree works fine.

Sarvam Sirugugal Song Review - Rediff

Sarvam is appealing

Pavithra Srinivasan
February 20, 2009 10:36 IST

An almost Bhangra-esque beat begins Siragugal, rendered in a brisk fashion by Madhushree and Javed Ali; once again, heavy beats dominate the musical landscape. A deep satisfaction envelopes you as keep listening, even if Madhushree's humming is only mildly appealing. The charanam might follow predictable paths, but the startling background score and rhythm make it memorable. It looks like this one is going to top the charts in clubs; the jive-potential is quite intense.

Sarvam Sirugugal Song Review -

Sarvam Sirugugal Song Review -
Review by : Malathy Sundaram

Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Vocals: Ilayaraja, Suvi, Andrea, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Vijay Yesudas, Javed Ali, Madhusree
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

Vocals: Javed Ali, Madhusree

This duet (there is a mild ‘machan, machan’ hangover in the number) flows like a wave - the male vocals go high and the lady singer’s voice softly negotiates the descending sangatis which are faithfully echoed by the string instruments too. A mood of mild sorrow is conveyed in the song. Could be a hit for the pleasant feel it evokes.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Siragugal - Sarvam Lyrics (Javed Ali, Madhushree)

1.Siragugal Yengo Sella Iravugal - Sarvam Lyrics

-------by Javed Ali, Madhushree


siragugal vanthathu yengo sella
iravugal theernthathu kannil mella
ninaivugal yenguthu unnai kaanaveeeeee...

Kanavugal ponguthu yethele alla
valigalum serdhathu ulle kella
sugangalum kooduthu unnai theydiyeeeee...

unnai unnai thaandi sella
konja kaalam konja thooram konja neram kooda yennal aahumaa.......

unnai unnai thedi thaane
intha yaekam intha paathai intha payanam intha vazhkai aanathoo....

Kanavugal ponguthu yethele alla
valigalum serdhathu ulle kella
sugangalum kooduthu unnai theydiyeeeee...

ohhhh ohhhhhhh
nadhiye ne yengae endru karaikal thedak koodaathaa
nilave ne yengae endru mugilhal thedak koodaathaa

mazhlai iravinil kuyilin geetham thoodipathaaai yaar arivaar
kadal nodiyyin kidakkum palarain kanavugal yaar arrivar

azhagey nee yengi irukkiraai vazhithaal anbe nee angi irukiraaai
uyire nee yennna sei kiraai uyirin ulle vanthu selkiraai

anbe yenthan nenjam yenge poovin ulle nilavin meyle
theeyin kile kariku veliye illayeee....

unnthan kannil unnthan moochil unnthan iravil unnthan nenjil
unnthan kaiyil unnthan uyiril ulla vazhiyeee...

yenake nan sumaiyaai maari yennai sumanthu vantheyne
unnakke nan nillalai maaari unnai theydi vantheyne

vizhi ninaikira neram paarthu immai vilahi vidaathu
uyir thudithidum munnney yenthen uyir othukki vidaathu

ulaham oru pulli yaahuthey nenjam yengo mithanthu poguthey
uyiril oru poo vedikkuthey suhamo vazhiyo ellai meeruthey

siragugal vanthathu yengo sella
iravugal theernthathu kannil mella
ninaivugal yenguthu unnai kaanaveeeeee...

oru immai yengilum thenil moolga
maru immai maathiram vazhiyil noga
yidayinil yeppadi kanavum kaanumoooo..

unnai unnai thaandi sella
konja kaalam konja thooram konja neram kooda yennal aahumaa.......

unnai unnai thedi thaane
intha yaekam intha paathai intha payanam intha vazhkai aanathoo....

nice ending..............


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Sirugugal - Sarvam Song Review 1

Sirugugal - Sarvam Song Review

Posted by Anandhan Subbiah on Feb 15, 2009

Siragugal (Javed Ali, Madhushree)

A terrific romantic ballet belted by the awesome Javed Ali and Madhusree. It is impossible to not like this soft song. There is a nice rhythm to the song.Javed Ali has to improve his language skills but makes it up with the right emotions and his natural ability. Madushree is very much a clone of Sadhana Sargam and a good one at that.

5. Siragugal

Singer: Madhushree, Javed Ali

Genre: Melody

A poignant melody with good singers on the lead. The melodious tune is sure to turn one of the best top-charting songs of this year.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Madhushree's First Tamil Film Music Award - Best Female Singer of Hub Awards 2009

With 28% of the votes Madhushree finished ahead of Sadhana Sargam (20%) and Sudha Raghunathan (20%) bagging the award.

Congratulations Madhushree Clap

Madhushree won for the song Marudhani - Sakarakatti

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sandhakozhi Song, Only Madhushree Vocal

Hi there all Madhushree fans. I have abstract the vocal of Madhushree in the song, Sandha Kozhi - Aayitha Ezhutu, which had one of her best emoted song in Tamil. Not to mention this song in Hindi brought her to limelight in Bollywood. People stood up and noticed a singer named Madhushree. But the Tamil version is just as special, especially when u hear the music-less of this song. Just beautiful, her emotion in this song is just top class. Never heard any singer who is so committed as Madhushree in songs like this. This song actually doesnt need the music. Madhushree's vocal is enough. Seriously! Im not making this up. Download and share ur thoughts.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Music & lyrics of Commonwealth Games Opening Song

Music & lyrics


Posted: Nov 28, 2008 at 2230 hrs IST

Sardar Anjum’s poetry & Madhushree’s voice will be in harmony at the grand ceremony of the Commonwealth Games

Hum sitaare hain zameen ke...aasmaan tak jayenge, jaan se pyaara tiranga chand par lehrayenge
Zindagi ek imtihaan hai, imtihaan ka dar nahin, hum andheron se guzar kar roshni kehlayenge...

Sardar Anjum’s words are not only inspirational, but bring hope, a sea of emotions and of course, are significant to the moment — the grand curtain raiser ceremony for the Commonwealth Games, to be staged this December. Renowned poet and lyricist Sardar Anjum has written two heart-warming songs for the Games and agrees it’s an honour to write for such an occasion and country. Hum Sitaare is being choreographed with children by Shovana Narayan and Bansi Kaul and according to Anjum it’s going to be a mega event. The songs, smiles Anjum, have both purpose and the second one is on Delhi, which he loved writing. “I am strong-headed as a poet and don’t mince words and what’s happening around becomes the subject of my poetry. The second song is on Delhi and covers many periods and aspects of Delhi. First, the Mughals spread their wings here and then the English, taking away so much from our country,’’ rues the poet. Dekhi to hai Dilli, isko gulzar karenge, rab dharti par utar aaye, uska deedar karenge...

And it’s none other than the versatile and soulful classical and playback singer Madhushree who’s lending her voice to Hum Sitaare Hain and performing live. She has been working with Sardar Anjum on an album of ghazals written by him and other projects too. “I simply love his poetry, for in the simplicity of his words is great depth and he leaves so much space for a singer. Lyrics is what the tune is based on and it’s essential that music and lyrics complement each other,’’ Madhushree who’s sung extensively for AR Rahman, loves the liberty that new music directors give to singers. For Madhushree, every song is new and is the best song, though high on her music metre are Kabhi Neem Neem (Yuva) and Hum Hain Is Pal Yahaan (Kisna). “I enjoy branching out and working on new things, like my album on thumri, with fusion and ghazals. Though I entered the film industry late, it’s been a fulfilling journey. For playback, I study the character of the actor I am singing for and then modify my voice expressions according to that. When I sing, I forget I’m Madhushree and my flight of imagination works in tandem with melody and lyrics,’’ for Madhushree, Mohammed Rafi is the complete singer. “When you hear him, you can visualize the song. His voice had drama, feelings and gayaki,’’ sings Madhushree...

Madhushree lends her voice for the opening song of the Commonwealth Games

Common wealth of melody
Madhushree lends her voice for the opening song of the Commonwealth Games
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra
Friday, November 28, 2008, Chandigarh, India

From Kolkata to Holland to South America and finally to Mumbai, humming her way into people's heart, singer Madhushree came into limelight after she sang Kabhi neem neem, kabhi shahd shahd for Yuva. Though her musical journey started way back in her childhood, her first break as singer in Bollywood came with Moksh. "Though I sang a number of songs, but it was after Kabhi neem… that I got recognition in Bollywood." Having bagged the best female singer award for the song, she admits, "I can say my real career as a singer started only after this song and since then there has been no looking back."

In the city for recording of a song for the 10th Commonwealth Games, she says, "I am singing the opening song for the Commonwealth Games. And its lyrics are by Sardar Anjum. He couldn't fly to Mumbai because of his health problems, so I decided to come down and record here, as his presence was needed for the song."

Sports and music are an unusual combination, but our lady has expertise in both. "Before I made my mind to take up music as a full time career, I was into sports. I am an athlete and till college I was regular in the sport scene. And when this opportunity to sing for the Commonwealth Games came, my sportsman spirit came to the fore and I was all game."

Having sung some great numbers like In lamhon ke daman me (Jodhaa Akhbar), Hum hain iss pal yahan (Kisna), Naina milaike (Saathiya), Tu bin bataye (Rang De Basanti) and Ek meetha Marz dede (Welocome to Sajjanpur), she comments on the brigade of singers that reality shows are producing these days, "I have also participated in a reality show, Jhoom India, but it had great competition and luckily I won with my partner Sachin Tyagi. But these days we have too many musical reality shows on air, and it's a repetition of things."

On the changing music scenario she says, "Definitely, it has changed over the years. Melody is there and would remain, but these days rhythm is gaining more importance. Songs have too be foot-tapping and as singers we have to evolve with the change as we don't sing for ourselves but for the public and this is what they like these days."

Having released a solo album Lagi Lagan, which has a thumri base, she says, "I was scared to do this album as I didn't know how people would take it. A number of people dissuaded me too, but then I presented it in a fusion-a semi-classical pop, and now it's a hit."

While our lady believes in quality then quantity, about the trend of singing good and looking great, she says, "The trend has changed over the years, earlier if you were a singer all you needed was a good voice, but these days you have to look good too. Though this trend sure keeps you fit, but has deviated singers from their real goal."

Ask her who's her favourite singer and she says, "Lataji and Ashaji are legends but I like Alkaji's style of singing."

Versatile, Madhushree likes to sing romantic songs and about her forthcoming songs she says, "I have recorded two songs for A.R Rehman, one for an untitled movie of Ayesha Shroff. I have also sung for a movie Chintu Ji and an album with Sardar Anjum is in pipeline."

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Less Madhushree songs nowdays??

Its been quite some time since we ever heard a Madhushree number. I know even i found out about her Telugu song, from the movie Homam only 2 weeks back though its a 2008 number. Oh well, as for me, being not able to listen to new Madhushree songs is like not getting enough oxygen, Haha! There have been many appreciation for her Marudhani song, and in which i was expecting her to sing atleast half a dozen of Tamil songs after that, but sadly, not even 1 was there.

Even in Hindi film music i dun see her name often. Her last Hindi number was from Jeena To Hai. Hope to see her be in full swing in both Tamil and Hindi film music after this. Hoping to see atleast she croons a dozen of songs in each languages in 2009...