Monday, February 16, 2009

Sirugugal - Sarvam Song Review 1

Sirugugal - Sarvam Song Review

Posted by Anandhan Subbiah on Feb 15, 2009

Siragugal (Javed Ali, Madhushree)

A terrific romantic ballet belted by the awesome Javed Ali and Madhusree. It is impossible to not like this soft song. There is a nice rhythm to the song.Javed Ali has to improve his language skills but makes it up with the right emotions and his natural ability. Madushree is very much a clone of Sadhana Sargam and a good one at that.

5. Siragugal

Singer: Madhushree, Javed Ali

Genre: Melody

A poignant melody with good singers on the lead. The melodious tune is sure to turn one of the best top-charting songs of this year.

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