Saturday, March 14, 2009

Madhushree on A.R.Rahman


He is always searching. He's very creative. He wants to work with new people, make new sounds, do new things

Web | Feb 27, 2009

Rahman‘s speciality is always looking to do new things. If a song becomes a hit, people try to imitate that. But Rahman always says that even if something is a superhit, it should be left alone and something new should be tried. I’ve told him, "This song was so good we should do something like that." And he replied, "No, you shouldn’t cash in on success like that." That, actually, is why he is successful.

From whatever I’ve sung in my career, 99% is for Rahman. I met him in 2001 for Saathiya and we started our association then and we continue: Kisna, Tehzeeb, Yuva, Swades, Jodha Akbar, Mangal Pandey and a lot of Tamil films. When he likes what I do for him he says in Hindi, "Behatareen!"

He is always searching. He’s very creative. He wants to work with new people, make new sounds, do new things. This is a constant search within him and you can see it. That has made him reach where he has. I am lucky to have sung for him but even in my songs you’ll not find two songs sounding alike be it Pal pal hai bhari or Kabhi neem neem, or indeed any film. He’s always giving opportunities to new voices -- that’s praiseworthy. He may not understand Hindi completely but his musicality is infallible.

When you sing for others, they ask you your range and pitch, but with Rahman it’s different. He is a technician himself and knows what I can sing well and works accordingly. When he does the final mixing, even your own song sounds different to you.

From Roja onwards, I’ve loved all his songs. In Pukar, Anuradha Paudwal sang a song kismat se tum which is my favourite from Rahman’s songs. It is in Raag Bhimpalasi. He utilizes classical raagas very beautifully.

His speciality is that even in films, the song is there for a purpose, it enhances the film. In this industry, there is a lot of politics and sometimes you think what’s the point? Maybe we should also be like the others but then I see Rahman, his simplicity and his dedication to his work and I realise that one should just work with focus. And your rewards will come.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Endhiran – Most Pricey song ever in Kollywood (Madhushree's Number)

Endhiran – Most Pricey song ever in Kollywood
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, March 12, 2009]

On the dots, it’s going to be the most luxuriously crafted flick by Shankar so far in his career. With the budget getting on higher around Rs.150Crores, the filmmaker goes irresistible in picturing each and every frame so lavish in style. Aye! It’s all about ‘Endhiran’ that the entire town talks about.

Meanwhile, here’s a lollapalooza for Shankar’s top-notching make of a song that was earlier witnessed with ‘Boom Boom’ in Boys, ‘Randakka’ in Anniyan and ‘Vaaji Vaaji’ in Sivaji – The Boss. Well, a costliest title song for ‘Endhiran’ was shot extensively in Hyderabad with Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai and 1000 junior artists on the grand sets erected by Sabu Cyril. The spotlighting dioramas of this song are all about the expensive-robot-costumes wore by the junior artists. A.R. Rahman has the snazzy tunes spelled with Madhurshree of ‘Vaaji’ fame crooning for it.

More stunning part in this musical album would be three exclusive signature themes that was scored by A. R. Rahman.

Indeed, it’s Maestro’s gift for magniloquent filmmaker….

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ash and Boss at Hyderabad (Madhushree's Number)

Ash and Boss at Hyderabad
March 06, 2009

Endhiran alias Robot, the magnum opus of Shankar-Rajinikanth-Rahman is getting chiseled in a perfect manner. Currently the shooting is happening in India after the initial overseas schedule. Though secrecy has always remained the keyword with all of Shankar’s projects, the visual, print and the web media have been successful in getting hold of information about the film in one way or the other.

The latest to come from the Robot’s stable is that a song will be shot soon at Hyderabad involving the lead pair which is likely to be Shankar’s signature number. Industry sources aver that this song will be choreographed on lines of Randakka in Anniyan or Azhagana Ratshasi in Mudalvan where aesthetic and creative minds went into work which took care of the minutest details in the frame. The colossal set for this number will be created by Sabu Cyril in which Ash and Boss will be gyrating along with junior artists in expensive attire to the tune of double Oscar winner A R Rahman, sung by Madhushree.

Endhiran - Expensive title song to be shot (Madhushree's Number)

Endhiran - Expensive title song to be shot
By Moviebuzz | Friday, 06 March , 2009, 05:26

A song rumoured to be the title song for Rajinikanth’s Shankar directed Endhiran will be shot at Hyderabad. The song is a typical Shankar song where heroine Aishwarya Rai is shown showering her love on the hero Rajinikanth.

Remember the Vaaji, Vaaji, title song shot on Rajini and Shriya in Sivaji, showing the superstar’s heroism? The song was picturised with all Shankar trademarks of splendor, glamour and glitz with Madhusree singing to A.R Rahman’s tune.

Something similar in style with more richness and grandeur is being planned by the “showman of south cinema” Shankar on Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai for Endhiran accompanied by nearly 1000 junior artists, all of them wearing silver colored ‘Robo’ costumes. This song which was recorded recently by A.R Rahman was also sung by Madhusri.

It will be one of the most expensive songs in Kollywood, as the Robo costumes with thongs worn by the group dancers is said to be very expensive. It will be shot on a set created by art director Sabu Cyril in a Hyderabad studio, and will be a major highlight of the film.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sirugugal - Sarvam Song Review by IndiaGlitz

Sarvam - Mighty stroke by Yuvan
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, March 04, 2009]

5. Siragugal - Listen here

Singer: Javed Ali, Madhushree

Lyricist: Pa Vijay

With simplistic and mild beat percussions blended for rhythms, its voices of Javed Ali and Madhushree that shines all throughout. Altho’ not so appealing on the tunes, it may take U-turns on the screens with accordance to Nirav’s trenchant pictorials.

Fine! Yuvan stuns with a blend of sang-froid ambience that later on the 40th second transcends into a spine-tingling feel. Precisely, when heard on perfect sound systems with maximum volume, it would throw you high on the floors. A magnetizing signature that slightly carries off with the traces of Billa’s theme music…

The complete theme of Sarvam is so intensely revealing with this piece of music that starts off with jolly-ridden feel that turns into a panorama of panic-stricken ones.

Madhushree croons for Enthiran

Madhushree croons for Enthiran
Kolammal Shankar [March 3, 2009, 7:57:02 PM]

Enthiran is reportedly progressing at a very rapid pace. Song recordings are completed, and the crew is working overtime to complete the movie on schedule. The latest news? Popular singer Madhushree has crooned a song for the movie. This famous singer, who is a hot favourite with music maestro A.R. Rahman, was recently at A.M. Studios in Chennai for recording a song for the movie.

The singer was at her cheerful best at the studio, posing for photos with the Superstar and director Shankar. Superstar Rajinikanth is also reported to have had a casual chat with the singer. The ace actor was hep and happening with a nice wig and a cool, clean-shaved look.

It was Madhushree who sang the chartbuster 'Vaaji Vaaji' in Rajinikanth's blockbuster Sivaji. Hailing from Bengal, Madhushree learned Tamil to get a better grasp on its diction.