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Un Pere Theriyathu - Engeyum Eppothum Lyrics

Un Pere Theriyathu - Engeyum Eppothum Lyric

Singers : Madhushree

English Lyrics :

Un pere theriyathu
unnai koopida mudiyathu
naan unakkoru per vaithen
unakke theriyathu
antha perai ariyathu
ada yaarum ingethu
athai oru murai sonnale thookkam varathu
ada thinam thorum athai solli unnai konjuven
naan adangaatha anbale unnai minjuven

Ho soodaana perum athu than
sonna udan udadugal kodhikkum
suriyanai neeyum ninaithaal athu illaiye
oh jillendru perum athu than
ketta udan nenjam kulirum
nathi endru neeyum ninaithaal athu illaiye
slirkka vaikkum deivam illai
mirala vaikkum mirugam illai
oli vattam therinthaalum
athu patta perillai
en perin pinnaal varum per naan solla po...

Perithaana perum athu thaan
solla solla mooche vangum
ethanai ezhuthukkal endral vidai illaiye
ho sirithaana perum athu than
sattendru mudinthe pogum
eppadi sollven naanum mozhi illaiye
solli vittal udhadu ottum
ezhuthivittal thennum sottum
athu suththa tamil per than
ayal varthai athil illai
en perin pinnaal varum per naan solla vaa...

Un pere theriyathu
unnai koopida mudiyathu
naan onakkoru per vaithen
unakke theriyathu
ada thinam thorum adhai solli unnai konjuven
naan adangaatha anbale unnai minjuven

-Na MuthuKumar

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Un Pere Theriyathu - Engeyum Eppothum Song Review

4.Un Perai Theriyathu (Madhushree)

Another melody from Sathya, and a very slow one at that. The highlight of the song is the sweet voice of Madhushree, the voice alone is enough for you to fall in love with this song, a mild background which plays throughout this song sets the mood.

Un Pere Theriyathu - Engeyum Eppothum Song Review

Un Perai Theriyaadhu


What's in a name, they say. But the adage seems to be not applicable for this song, which gets life with Sathya's tune and Madhushree's rendition. A romantic number, 'Un Perai Theriyaadhu...' seduces one. Listen to it and decide for yourself.

Un Pere Theriyathu - Engeyum Eppothum Song Review -Kollywoodmania

Un Perai Theriyathu . . .
Singers: Madhushree
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

Again the composer has tried to produce an inspirational song from gentle guitar plucks to introducing Tamil rap and English tracks to compose a female-solo track. Madhushree, who has delivered some chartbusting as well memorable songs like 'Mayiliragae', 'Sanda kozhi' and 'Marudhani' has tried to make a comeback with this song. The humming and to some extent the beats give a 'heard before' feel. Commercially speaking of the track, this well penned and rendered track lacks inspiration, but is definitely note-worthy.

Un Pere Theriyathu - Engeyum Eppothum Song Review -

Un Perai Theriyathu

Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar
Playback: Madhushree

This item from Na.Muthukumar is unique with the love and romance coming to the terms on single row. The lines are quite interesting to listen and the voice of Madhushree is seducing us with magical tone. Though we have not got much numbers from Madhushree of late, this song reveals her challenge to find a place in the music world. Sathya has some reserved instruments for this song and the song is akin to Akkam Pakkam from Kreedam with the tune of GV Prakash. Yet it appeals to us with good moments.

Un Pere Theriyathe - Engeyum Yeppothum (2011)

Madhushree's latest Tamil Song.... from the Movie "Engeyum Yeppothum" (2011) Released on 3rd Aug 2011. Nice solo song from Madhushree.

Album - Engeyum Eppodhum
Cast - Jai, Anjali, Shravanand, Ananya
Year - 2011
Music Director - Sathya

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Nanbane Lyrics - Mankatha

Movie : Mankatha

Cast : Ajith, Trisha, Arjun, Premji, Andrea

Directed By Venkat Prabhu

Sung By Madhushree , Yuvan Shankar Raja

Music By Yuvan Shankar Raja

: En Nanbane Song Lyrics :

yen nanbane ennai yethai
en paavamai vanthu vaaithai
un polave nalla nadigan oh
ur engilum ellai oruvan

nallavargal yaro
theeyavargal yaaro
kandukondu kanni yaarum
kaadhal seivathillaiye
gangai nathiyalla kaanal nathi enru
pirpaadu gnyanam vanthu laabam ennavo

kadhal enbathu kanavu maaligai
purinthu koladi en thozhiye
unmai kaadhalai naan thedi paarkiren
kaanavillaiye en thozhiye

valaikkaiyai pidithu
valaikkaiyil vizhunthen
valakkaram pidithu
valam vara ninithen
uravenum kavithai
uyirinil varaithen
ezhuthiya kavithai yen?
muthal vari muthal
muzhuvathum pizhai
vizhigalin vali
vizhunthathu mazhai
ellam unnal thaan
ithuva unthan gnyangal
enaken intha kaayangal
kizhithaai oru kadhal oviyam
murugan mugam aaru thaan
manithan mugam nooru thaan
ovovonrum veru veru niramo

yen nanbane ennai yethai

kaadhal velluma
kaadhal thorkuma
yaarum arinthathillaye en thozhiye

kaadhal oviyam
kizhinthu ponatha
kavalai enadi ithuvum kadanthidum

adikadi enai nee
anaithathai ariven
anbenum vilakai
anaithathu ariyen
puyal vanthu saaitha
maram oru viragu
unakena theriyum
en idhayathil vanthu
vizhunthathu edi
ela manam engum
irunthathu vali
yamma yamma
ulagil ulla pengale
uraipen oru ponmozhi
kaadhal oru kanavu maaligai
ethuvum angu maayam thaan
yellam varnajaalam thaan
nambamal vazhvathenrum nalame

kadhal enbathu kanavu maaligai
purinthu koladi en thozhiye
unmai kaadhalai naan thedi paarkiren
kaanavillaiye en thozhiye

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Nanbane - Mankatha Audio Review -

5. Nanbane

Vocals: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Madhushree

Lyrics: Gangai Amaran

While the teasers and posters might have left you assume that the film has more importance for ‘thrill’ and ‘action’ factors and lack ‘romantic’ quotients, this song throws a huge surprise indeed. It’s an emotional song that will let listeners fall in love for the first time they hear it. The specialty about the lyrics is that delineates the perception of ‘Love’ from man and woman character’s point of view (Female: Nallavargal Yaaro, Theeyavargal Yaaro, Kandukondu Kanni Yaarum Kadhal Seivadhillaye (Male: Kadhal Enbadhu Kanavu Maaligai Purindhu Kolladi En Thozhiye, Unmai Kadhalai Naan Thedi Paarikiren Kaana Villeye En Thozhiye.) Madhushree is the right choice for this song as she croons even the notes on high pitch with ease. Overall, the song belongs to Yuvan Shankar Raja for his composition and vocalism.

Nanbane - Mankatha Song Review -

Singers: Madhushree, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Vaali

Here comes the pick of the melody track of Mangaatha. One could not have expected more than this from Madhushree and Yuvan. It is an instant hit and it will surely find place in the hearts of female audience and youths. Thanks for Vaali for giving wonderful lyrics. The soundtrack is as sweet as honey!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nanbane - Mankatha Song Review - Kollytalk

Singers: Madhushree, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Vaali

Rating: 4.5/5

This one is an attempt to satisfy those who were waiting for a smooth track to tickle their ears; all credits to Madhushree who has made it a wonderful experience coupled along with Yuvan himself. Hey Yuvan you saved the reddest cherry for yourself isn’t it? A great track.

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Nanbane - Mankatha Song Review II

05 – Nanbane

Lyrics: Vaali
Playback: Madhushree , Yuvan Shankar Raja

In tune with the fashion of Yuvan to sing the soft paced song and he has found the niche from Paiya and Naan Mahan Alla. He has polished his voice for this song and the combination from Madhushree makes it very very plumy. The icing voices of these two singers are spread over the entire tune thanks to the genteel words from Vaali. In our count this should top the number in the album and the listings among other songs too. One can easily derive romance after giving ear to this song. Thanks to Yuvan and Vaali for making many youths to go on rampage for romance.

Nanbane - Mankatha Song Review

Nanbane - Mankatha Song Review

Watch out for the opening beats of 'Nanbane', which is definitely a treat for the ears. Madhushree and Yuvan have sung this melodious romantic track. Vaali's simple lyrics and Madhushree's mesmerizing voice are the major highlight of this song.

Mankatha Audio review from TOI

Mankatha Audio review from TOI

Madhushree's Nanbane - Mankatha

Movie : Mankatha

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics : Vaali

Singers : Madhushree, Yuvan Shankar Raaja

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Madhushree's Shreya - Saravana Stores (Antique Jewellery) HD

The Clearer version.

Singer : Madhushree
Music Director : D.Imman
Model : Actress Shreya Saran
Release date : 2007

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Music Review: Kuch Pal (Madhushree) - HappySing

I knew Madhushree as an A R Rahman favorite. Remember the name from Kabhi Neem Neem of Yuva, but she never sang too much, though keeping on registering her presence. And this time she does it again, gets her presence felt in her first (I guess) private album, Kuch Pal.

The album starts with ‘Hero‘ which sounds like a song of ’90s, but Madhushree’s voice is perfect for the song and the song is lovable, even with the oldy music. Tale Spin’s rap is nothing too great, but doesn’t disturb the flow of song and in due times gets mixed into the song. Like.

The next song, Chal Kuchh Pal, the title song of the album, is again a slow number but the arrangements don’t sound old like they did in the first one. An okay one that would again sound better every time you listen to it.

The third song, Ishq ne aisa is a good one as the composition, though slow, is easy, simple and still lovely. The lyrics of the romantic number are good, though the words ‘ishq ne aisa shankh bajaya’ were a bit confusing to my ears. Still, the song featuring Sachin Tyagi, is nice. Do listen to this one if you’re one for slow, ghazal-ish-ly old sounding love songs.

The next song, Pal, starts with some lovely keys on Piano with percussion entering the song in style while Madhushree sings pal har pal, mere saath chal, jaana na mujhse tu aage nikal. Besides the lyrics, the song is a lovely mixture of simple arrangements of instruments.

Shabnami, though, was one song of the album where I thought the composition was okay but Madhushree sounded a bit uncomfrotable with the song, or maybe just not the right choice for the song. Okay.

The next song, Tum bhi ek Baar is a lovely one mostly based on Tabla, while the background has a jazzy touch. A beautiful combination of lyrics, singing, tabla and saxophone. Do listen to this one.

Aaj ki raat is a ghazal with a modern touch, and though the extra additions are not so good, the main ghazal is well composed and sung, well enough to be liked at least.

Jaane Kya Hua featuring composer Robby Badal is a lovely composition that sounds good right from the start where Madhushree sings almost an unplugged and then moves to some slowly falling beats. The slow number gives a good chance to the singer and she does her job quite wonderfully.

The last song is a Tamil version of Hero but the track is so interesting that I fell again for the song in the first twenty seconds itself when there was no language spoken one. I probably wouldn’t mind listening to the song in Tamil a few times as well, though I hardly understand a word there.

Overall, Madhushree’s Kuch Pal is something to look for if you like slow, slightly old sounding songs. While the compositions and arrangements are not old everywhere and have some new and interesting things as well, a touch and tendency towards the old music is there in the album, that probably suits Madhushree’s voice well. The album is definitely good and can prove one for your long term collection depending on your tastes.

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Madhushree - Kuch Pal Music Review

Madhushree - Kuch Pal Music Review

Kuch Pal
(Royant Music)

By Amanda Sodhi

Although it isn’t everyday we get to hear Madhushree’s sweet, mellifluous voice, her songs “Kabhi Neem Neem” from Yuva, “Tu Bin Bataye” from Rang De Basanti, “Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahaan” from Kisna, “Mahi Ve” from Kal Ho Na Ho, “In Lamhon Ke Daman Mein” from Jodhaa Akbar, “Sau Janam” from What’s Your Raashee?, “Yaar Mila Tha Saiyaan” from Blue, and “Pal Pal Hai Bhaari” from Swades are remembered and listened to fondly by Bollywood music fans. Launched by filmmaker Subhash Ghai, her second album, Kuch Pal is finally out. Here’s the rundown of the nine compositions by her husband Robby Badal who also composed her debut album Lagi Lagan earlier.

“Hero” featuring Tale Spin does sound a bit dated, especially since using the word “hero” in song lyrics is old-fashioned. The rap by Tale Spin seems out of place, too. However, the use of the strings is nice and the simple percussion arrangements and melody is easy on the ears. Lyrics by Satyendra Khare build up upon the concept of a girl adoring her lover—“Meri har chaah mei eh sanam tum ho, Meri har khwaab mei eh sanam tum ho.” There is also a Tamil Version of this song with lyrics by Dinesh Scaran.

”Chal Kucch Pal” is a laid back composition. The pace is very slow and the soft rock feel is nice to chill out to. Tanveer Ghazi’s lyrics are ordinary, though—“Chal kuch pal mere saath chal…Shaayad yeh lamhe phir aaye naa kal.”

“Ishq Ne Aisa” featuring Sachin Tyagi has a more somber yet very lovely melody. The incorporation of the flute and saxophone is creative. Madhushree sings all the notes perfectly, however Sachin Tyagi could have (and should have) easily been replaced by a better male vocalist. This time around Tanveer Ghazi’s lyrics actually make an impact—“Ishq ne aisaa shankh bajaayaa goonj uthi tanhaayi meri. Dhoop se har deewar pe teraa naam likhey parchaayi meri.”

”Pal” follows in suit of “Chal Kuch Pal” and even Shyam Raj’s lyrics fail to offer anything innovative—“Pal har pal mere saath chal, Jaanaa naa mujhse tu aage nikal.” The piano stands out in this song, and overall, the composition maintains a soft, steady pace.

While the mood and lyrics of “Shabnami” are upbeat, surprisingly Madhushree’s voice does not convey these emotions too well—the song could have been rendered with more feel. Even the techno sounds and electric guitar sound forced—a case of forced fusion, I guess. Tanveer Ghazi’s lyrics are also ordinary—“Tu zubaan se mujhe jo nahin keh saka teri dhadkan woh baatein bataati rahey.”

“Tum Bhi Ekbaar” is the strongest composition in Kuch Pal. The use of the strings, saxophone, and tabla arrangements are fused together wonderfully, and Madhushree sings this composition with a seductive tone. Sardar Anjum’s lyrics certainly stand out—“Tum bhi ek baar mujhe dost banaakar dekho, Apni khusboo meri khusbhoo mei milaakar dekho…Shamaa ki taraah mujhe aag lagaa kar dekho.”

While the saarangi sounds quite beautiful in “Aaj Ki Raat,” the choral vocal percussions are unnecessary. Nonetheless, it is a decent track. Niren Bhatt’s lyrics are seductive and build upon feelings of passion, desire and longing—“Aaj ki raat mujhe hadh se guzar jaane de, Tere saanson ke samundar mei utar jaane de.”

”Jane Kya Hua” featuring Robby Badal explores the more melancholic phase of the love cycle—heartbreak. The piano arrangement is good and Robby Badal provides decent backing vocals. Tanveer Ghazi’s lyrics question what went wrong in a relationship, although it sounds a bit clichéd—“Ek aandhi si aayi sab khushiyaan le gayi.”

Romantic songs are what Madhushree excels at, and Kuch Pal explores the different moods and moments of love and romance. While “Hero” and “Shabnami” are ordinary, the album does boast of some memorable compositions such as “Ishq Ne Aisa,” and “Tum Bhi Ekbaar.” Even the remaining compositions are quite easy on the ears.

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Madhushree's Album 'Kuchh Pal' Launch Videos

Madhushree's Album 'Kuchh Pal' Launch Videos



Madhushree’s 2 hour long live concert feature best hits. Noted singer Madhushree performed live at an exclusive concert featuring some of the top chartbusters of her illustrious career on Saturday, 22nd Jan 2011 at Rang Sharada Auditorium. Earlier filmmaker Subhash Ghai released Madhushree’s latest album titled ‘Kuch Pal’ amidst much fanfare. Many celebrities including Subhash Ghai, Ravindra Jain, Samir Sen, Sachin Tyagi, Raja Murad & his wife & Champak Jain among others were present on the ocassion.

Madhushree wowed the audience with her soulful renditions of some of the biggest chartbusters in Bollywood from the past decade and also some songs from her latest album in the 2 hour long extravaganza.

Said Madhushree “Kuch Pal will feature romantic numbers which has been a genre most liked by my fans in India and abroad. I hope the album is well received by the audiences and they continue to patronise me like they have done in the past.

The album also has a rap number and some guest singers including television actor Sachin Tyagi, Talespin, a Tamil and Rap number”. The songs in the album include Hero-featuring Talespin, Kuch Pal, Jane Kya Hua, Pal, Shabnami Shabnami, Ishq ne Aisa featuring Sachin Tyagi, Tum Bhi Ekbaar, Aaj Ki Raat, Hero-featuring Talespin (Tamil). Music has been provided by Robby Badal; lyrics by Tanveer Ghazi, Sardar Anjum, Shyam Raj, Niren Bhatt, Satyendra Khare & Dinesh Scaran (Tamil).

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'Hero' Tamil Version - Kuch Pal Lyrics and Translation by Dinesh Scaran

Hero Tamil Version - Kuch Pal Lyrics and Translation by Dinesh Scaran

Album : Kuch Pal (2011)
Artist : Madhushree
Music : Robby Badal
Lyrics : Dinesh Scaran

Manam thandha kaadhal nee..... yen manam, neeyo...

- You are the love given by heart, my heart, is it you?

Manam kanda kaadhal nee, yen manam... nee yo

- You are the love that was discovered by heart.... my heart.... is it you?

Tendral saaral pol Kulirgindre Kanava, Vanthe Kalannthaiyo UyiRRaga Nijama?

- The dream that is as breezy as a fresh air's wetness , You came and join with my soul is it true?

Yenthan uyir thuliyil irapathe neeya.... ohh yenthan hero

- Is it you who lives in my soul's drips.... Oh my hero...

Tarum Uyir pooley nee oru thaaya

- Are you like a mother who gives lives?

Un paarvai yen thaalate paatha

- You stare/glance is my lullaby... ?

Un Moochilkul naan vaalghindreney

- I live within ur breath....

Athe unkendre terigindratha....?

- Do you realize it?

Vizhiyal varainthe ooviyam neethan

- You are the art that is drawn by the glance/look.....

Un Nizhal pinnal varegindren seriyaaa?

- Is it right that im coming behind your shadow?

Yenthan uyir thuliyil irapathe neeya.... ohh yenthan hero

- Is it you who lives in my soul's drips.... Oh my hero...

Poondothathil pookal poole….

- Like the flowers in the garden…..

Maarbukul pookindrai melle..

- Ur blooming softly within my chest

Dhinam kathraaga unnai annaithen……

- Daily I hugged u like a wind…..

Swasathille uyil ezhutheva?

- Shall I write a will in the breath?

Tuuviya ninaivellam yenthan Uyira?

- Are the memories you sprinkled are my life?

Yenthan Kaikulley paasaTThei udhirnthaai...

- You sprinkled love/care inside my hand/palm....

Yenthan uyir thuliyil irapathe neeya.... ohh yenthan hero

- Is it you who lives in my soul's drips.... Oh my hero...

Manam thandha kaadhal nee..... yen manam, neeyo...

- You are the love given by heart, my heart, is it you?

Manam kanda kaadhal nee, yen manam... nee yo

- You are the love that was discovered by heart.... my heart.... is it you?

Ohh Ohhhh Yenthan Heroo.... Nee yoo…. Yenthan Herooo

Kuch Pal Album Released

Kuch Pal Album Released

Madhushree's next private album, named " Kuch Pal Romantic moments with madhushree" was released with much fanfare on the 22nd of January 2011.

Madhushree's musical event!

Madhushree's musical event!
TNN, Jan 24, 2011, 12.00am IST

For almost two hours, the audience at this suburban venue were kept enthralled by the silken voiceof Madhushree.

The singer was in her element as she sang some of her most popular Bollywood chartbusters as well as non-filmi numbers. Many in the audience were seen singing along with her.

Ravindra Jain, who sat in the front row with Subhash Ghai, was overheard praising Madhushree and her singing.

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Madhushree Next Album - Kuch Pal

Madhushree Next Album - Kuch Pal

Kuch Pal.. Romantic Moments with Madhushree... is my favorite album, because there are songs, which i always wanted to do. Really romantic numbers with meaningful lyrics, composed in beautiful moods. For my Tamil fans there is one track specially written by my all time fan Dinesh Scaran from Malaysia. I hope with this album to have reached the heart strings of lovers for the coming Valentines day.