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Madhushree's Bhojpuri Number : Ek Raat Aehija

Madhushree's Bhojpuri Number : Ek Raat Aehija - Laxmi Aisan Dulhin Hamaar

Laxmi Aisan Dulhin Hamaar
Year :2008
Music Director :Pappu Srivastava
Label :T-Series

Ek Raat Aehija
Satish Maapatpuri

Friday, July 24, 2009

‘Single’ Minded - Madhushree

‘Single’ Minded

Rajiv Vijayakar

Posted: Jul 24, 2009 at 1255 hrs IST

She’s coming up with a single aimed at making the youth awareness of crucial national issues on the occasion of Independence Day. Madhushree, who enjoys a special rapport with A.R.Rahman, discusses both... and more

The idea for a ‘single’ album arose from Madhushree’s disllusionment with the response to her last labum Laagi Lagan, which “had eight good thumris”. “My album has a great response even internationally because of the modern arrangements. Six other beautiful songs went unnoticed because we made videos of only two tracks! So I thought there was no point in my composer husband Robby Badal and I working hard on eight songs if finally only the videos mattered.”

The album, slated for a release on August 15, is Madhushree’s mission to make today’s youth awaken to the serious problems our nation is facing, including global warming, water depletion, terrorism et al. “Padma Bhushan Sardar Anjum has written very stirring verse and the music is by my husband Robby again,” says Madhushree. “When I made Sukhwinderji listen to the song, he insisted that he would sing it with me. And as we know, he is superb at such songs!”

The singer who began with Rajesh Roshan’s Moksha in 2001 is singing in What’s Your Rashee? and some more films for young new composers and also for A.R.Rahman, with whom she’s been a special favourite - the composer even ensured that Laagi Lagan was formally released at his recording studio. “After Jai ho, Rahman is spending so much time abroad and we singers are missing him badly!” she says. “I came from a classical background, but it was only after singing for him in Saathiya, Yuva, Kisna and other films that I learnt how to be a proper playback singer, learning expressions and other aspects. He brought finesse to my singing.”

The singer adds that recording for Rahman is all about a “ghar jaisa” ambience. “I spend four to seven days with him only on absorbing and rehearsing the song. He is a very jovial and genuine human being.”
But Madhushree admits that the fun has otherwise gone out of film music. “Music waisa nahin raha jaise hota tha,” she says thoughtfully. “Yeh trend hai, theek hai, this will also change,” she adds confidently. “Also, I think that people like Lataji and Ashaji were very lucky because they could concentrate only on singing. Today a singer has to look presentable, go to the gym and do all those things besides looking at the musical aspect!” But she admits that being on television on different shows have been fruitful experiences.

Finally, is it easier or tougher singing for her husband? “I am more comfortable working for others!” she laughs. “My husband is more finicky and we argue a lot. But there is a plus side too - he makes songs to my scale!”

One of Bollywood's Sexiest Singers (2008) (Rediff) - Madhushree

Bollywood's sexiest singers Madhushree

Who she is: Madhushree's real name is Sujata Bhattacharya. It was A R Rahman who asked her to change her name, as he felt Sujata was too common a name in the music world.

She has sung for various Hindi movies like Saathiya, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Swades, Rang De Basanti and Guru.

She has sung in Tamil and Telugu films as well.

Style file: Madhushree is not overtly stylish, and usually wears saris at her stage shows. But her smile makes her look stunning.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A coincidental singer - Madhushree

A coincidental singer - Madhushree

- Soumita Sengupta & Sonali Joshi

Although Madhushree made her Bollywood debut with a forgettable movie called Moksha, it took her some time to make her mark. She shot to fame with her adorable rendition of 'Kabhi neem neem' (Yuva) for which she won an award as well.

This year, she once again delivered a great song with A R Rahman. 'In lamhon ke daaman mein' is undoubtedly one of the best tracks on the Jodhaa Akbar album. In a tête-à-tête, she tells us how playback singing was a coincidence, what's special about her album Laagi Lagan, and acting in the future.

We heard that Rajesh Roshan got you your first break.
Actually, Javedji (Akhtar) introduced me to Rajeshji. He heard my voice, liked it and told me that he had a song to record which he would ask me to sing if it suited my voice and style. I was very scared when I walked into the studio, but I tried my best and he liked it. It was a good song called ‘Mohabbat zindagi hai’ from Moksha.

Tell us about your background.
I have a musical background. My father is a very good singer and I started learning singing from him. Then I learnt classical singing from Dr Omir Dayal. I never thought I would become a playback signer some day, although I always liked singing filmy songs. My father wanted me to become a classical singer. When I finished my studies, I got an opportunity to work as a singer in South America. So at a young age, I went there. After four years, I moved to Holland. Gradually I decided to take up singing as a career. That brought me to Mumbai, and by god's grace I got a chance to sing as well.

What do you feel about the competition in Bollywood?
I do not feel any competition and consider myself very lucky to have got a chance to sing in this era. If we had Lataji and Ashaji singing in our era, then you could have said that we have competition. Now it has become an open profession as there are so many styles of singing. Earlier there was only one profession of playback singing. Nowadays, a singer who does albums and reality shows also sings in films, which was not the case in olden days. This is a great time for artists to display their talent.

Why did you choose playback singing as career?
That was coincidental. A decade ago, I went to Kolkata to record a song. Sanuda (Kumar Sanu) met me then and suggested that I go to Mumbai and try playback singing. Even ten years back ago, the general perception was that if you have become successful in playback singing, then that is it. So I thought why not give it a try? But today I consider myself a singer, without restricting myself as a pop or playback singer.

You won the Sony Stardust Award in 2005 for the Best Female Singing Sensation for ‘Kabhi neem neem’ from Yuva. Tell us about that experience.
Honestly, I was surprised. I never thought that song would be so popular! When the award organisers asked me to come for the ceremony, I was a little scared; but I was jubiliant on receiving the honour.

Your album Laagi Lagan was released recently. What’s unique about it?
This album has a mixture of Indian and Western style, I have used thumri with contemporary music. Normally everyone uses Sufi style but I wanted to experiment with thumri, and I have received a very good response especially from youngsters. I have used old songs like ‘Ka karu sajni’ and others. There are two new compositions by Robby Badal.

Whom do you look up to for inspiration?
I have learnt singing from many people but when I listen to any song and like it, I get inspired. One name is surely of Rafiji.

You are a Bengali but have sung many songs in Tamil. How difficult was it?
It was a coincidence again. I sang ‘Kabhi neem neem’ in Tamil and it was a super hit. I practised a lot. I could not say no because they wanted to record it with the same singer in both languages. I somehow managed and then got many offers from south as well. Now I have taken training in pronunciation so it is not too difficult for me.

Everyone comes to Bollywood with a dream. What was your dream? Have you got any acting offers?
Good question. I have a photogenic face so I have got some offers but I ignored them all. Even Rehmaji has complimented me. But times are changing; my dream was to become a singer, but you never know what the future has in store.

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Unakkul Naane - Pacchakili Muthucharam Mix

Alright, before u have any idea on why i ever did a remix on that song, let me tell u this. ITS NOT A REMIX!! haha!

What i mean mix as in i did a mix between the voices, Bombay Jayashree and Madhushree.

As we know, Bombay Jayashree's verson was the one which was used in the movie, though Madhushree's version is the original number. So i have mixed between both the singers, as in as if they took turns to sing the lines one after another. I have took the best portion of Bombay Jayashree and best portion of Madhushree and joint them together. Here is the link. Please feel free to comment. :)

Movie : Pachaikili Muthucharam
Song : Unakkul Naan
Singer(s) : Madhushree, Bombay Jayashree
Mixed by : Dinesh Scaran

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Uyire Uyire - Muthirai Song Review by Anand

Atleast he credited Madhushree correctly . :)

Muthirai – Tamil Music Review

Uyire Uyire (Javed Ali, Madhushree)
I think Yuvan has chosen this combination for the 4′th album in succession. I am big fan of Javed and Madhusree and they have justified it with a decent rendition. The song is average at best when compared to the rest of the songs.Watch out for the guitar piece in the background.

Uyire Uyire - Muthirai Song Review

Uyire Uyire - Muthirai Song Review

Uyire Uyire---

Vocals: Jaaved Ali, Madhumita
Lyrics: Snehan

Another duet with slow curving sangatis and nice staggered rhythms .And sexy lyrics! A stylish bit from the flute goes ‘dha-ma-ni-dha’ where the ‘dha’ vibrates showing up touches of Sindhubairavi raga. Jaaved is easy on the ears in higher octaves, but Madhumita’s powerful voice takes a beating.

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Another song of Madhushree not credited to her! Uyire Uyire - Mutthirai

Hi all there, a song from the album " Mutthirai", music by Yuvan Shankar Raja, whereby Madhushree sang a song called " Uyire Uyire" was credited to Madhumitha. Its a luck that i just randomly went through this song in a website and was shocked to hear Madhushree singing it. Ive check the audio cover of this album, and it was printed as Madhumitha. Hmmmm.... But well, the song is good! Hope not to see such mistakes happen in the future. :)

Muthirai Music Review

4. Uyire Uyire

Singer: Jaaved Ali, Madhumitha

A romantic duet with nice rhythms and slow but steady flow of music. Snehan's lyrics are romantic while Jaaved's voice fits the song like a T, while Madhumitha renders it in high octave.

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Madhushree is on Twitter

Catch/Follow Madhushree on :). She updates her current activities there, not in full, but as a shoutout. :) But hey, u can get to see whats going on there...its great! come on!