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Un Pere Theriyathu - Engeyum Eppothum Song Review

4.Un Perai Theriyathu (Madhushree)

Another melody from Sathya, and a very slow one at that. The highlight of the song is the sweet voice of Madhushree, the voice alone is enough for you to fall in love with this song, a mild background which plays throughout this song sets the mood.

Un Pere Theriyathu - Engeyum Eppothum Song Review

Un Perai Theriyaadhu


What's in a name, they say. But the adage seems to be not applicable for this song, which gets life with Sathya's tune and Madhushree's rendition. A romantic number, 'Un Perai Theriyaadhu...' seduces one. Listen to it and decide for yourself.

Un Pere Theriyathu - Engeyum Eppothum Song Review -Kollywoodmania

Un Perai Theriyathu . . .
Singers: Madhushree
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

Again the composer has tried to produce an inspirational song from gentle guitar plucks to introducing Tamil rap and English tracks to compose a female-solo track. Madhushree, who has delivered some chartbusting as well memorable songs like 'Mayiliragae', 'Sanda kozhi' and 'Marudhani' has tried to make a comeback with this song. The humming and to some extent the beats give a 'heard before' feel. Commercially speaking of the track, this well penned and rendered track lacks inspiration, but is definitely note-worthy.

Un Pere Theriyathu - Engeyum Eppothum Song Review -

Un Perai Theriyathu

Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar
Playback: Madhushree

This item from Na.Muthukumar is unique with the love and romance coming to the terms on single row. The lines are quite interesting to listen and the voice of Madhushree is seducing us with magical tone. Though we have not got much numbers from Madhushree of late, this song reveals her challenge to find a place in the music world. Sathya has some reserved instruments for this song and the song is akin to Akkam Pakkam from Kreedam with the tune of GV Prakash. Yet it appeals to us with good moments.

Un Pere Theriyathe - Engeyum Yeppothum (2011)

Madhushree's latest Tamil Song.... from the Movie "Engeyum Yeppothum" (2011) Released on 3rd Aug 2011. Nice solo song from Madhushree.

Album - Engeyum Eppodhum
Cast - Jai, Anjali, Shravanand, Ananya
Year - 2011
Music Director - Sathya

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Nanbane Lyrics - Mankatha

Movie : Mankatha

Cast : Ajith, Trisha, Arjun, Premji, Andrea

Directed By Venkat Prabhu

Sung By Madhushree , Yuvan Shankar Raja

Music By Yuvan Shankar Raja

: En Nanbane Song Lyrics :

yen nanbane ennai yethai
en paavamai vanthu vaaithai
un polave nalla nadigan oh
ur engilum ellai oruvan

nallavargal yaro
theeyavargal yaaro
kandukondu kanni yaarum
kaadhal seivathillaiye
gangai nathiyalla kaanal nathi enru
pirpaadu gnyanam vanthu laabam ennavo

kadhal enbathu kanavu maaligai
purinthu koladi en thozhiye
unmai kaadhalai naan thedi paarkiren
kaanavillaiye en thozhiye

valaikkaiyai pidithu
valaikkaiyil vizhunthen
valakkaram pidithu
valam vara ninithen
uravenum kavithai
uyirinil varaithen
ezhuthiya kavithai yen?
muthal vari muthal
muzhuvathum pizhai
vizhigalin vali
vizhunthathu mazhai
ellam unnal thaan
ithuva unthan gnyangal
enaken intha kaayangal
kizhithaai oru kadhal oviyam
murugan mugam aaru thaan
manithan mugam nooru thaan
ovovonrum veru veru niramo

yen nanbane ennai yethai

kaadhal velluma
kaadhal thorkuma
yaarum arinthathillaye en thozhiye

kaadhal oviyam
kizhinthu ponatha
kavalai enadi ithuvum kadanthidum

adikadi enai nee
anaithathai ariven
anbenum vilakai
anaithathu ariyen
puyal vanthu saaitha
maram oru viragu
unakena theriyum
en idhayathil vanthu
vizhunthathu edi
ela manam engum
irunthathu vali
yamma yamma
ulagil ulla pengale
uraipen oru ponmozhi
kaadhal oru kanavu maaligai
ethuvum angu maayam thaan
yellam varnajaalam thaan
nambamal vazhvathenrum nalame

kadhal enbathu kanavu maaligai
purinthu koladi en thozhiye
unmai kaadhalai naan thedi paarkiren
kaanavillaiye en thozhiye

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Nanbane - Mankatha Audio Review -

5. Nanbane

Vocals: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Madhushree

Lyrics: Gangai Amaran

While the teasers and posters might have left you assume that the film has more importance for ‘thrill’ and ‘action’ factors and lack ‘romantic’ quotients, this song throws a huge surprise indeed. It’s an emotional song that will let listeners fall in love for the first time they hear it. The specialty about the lyrics is that delineates the perception of ‘Love’ from man and woman character’s point of view (Female: Nallavargal Yaaro, Theeyavargal Yaaro, Kandukondu Kanni Yaarum Kadhal Seivadhillaye (Male: Kadhal Enbadhu Kanavu Maaligai Purindhu Kolladi En Thozhiye, Unmai Kadhalai Naan Thedi Paarikiren Kaana Villeye En Thozhiye.) Madhushree is the right choice for this song as she croons even the notes on high pitch with ease. Overall, the song belongs to Yuvan Shankar Raja for his composition and vocalism.

Nanbane - Mankatha Song Review -

Singers: Madhushree, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Vaali

Here comes the pick of the melody track of Mangaatha. One could not have expected more than this from Madhushree and Yuvan. It is an instant hit and it will surely find place in the hearts of female audience and youths. Thanks for Vaali for giving wonderful lyrics. The soundtrack is as sweet as honey!

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Nanbane - Mankatha Song Review - Kollytalk

Singers: Madhushree, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Vaali

Rating: 4.5/5

This one is an attempt to satisfy those who were waiting for a smooth track to tickle their ears; all credits to Madhushree who has made it a wonderful experience coupled along with Yuvan himself. Hey Yuvan you saved the reddest cherry for yourself isn’t it? A great track.

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Nanbane - Mankatha Song Review II

05 – Nanbane

Lyrics: Vaali
Playback: Madhushree , Yuvan Shankar Raja

In tune with the fashion of Yuvan to sing the soft paced song and he has found the niche from Paiya and Naan Mahan Alla. He has polished his voice for this song and the combination from Madhushree makes it very very plumy. The icing voices of these two singers are spread over the entire tune thanks to the genteel words from Vaali. In our count this should top the number in the album and the listings among other songs too. One can easily derive romance after giving ear to this song. Thanks to Yuvan and Vaali for making many youths to go on rampage for romance.

Nanbane - Mankatha Song Review

Nanbane - Mankatha Song Review

Watch out for the opening beats of 'Nanbane', which is definitely a treat for the ears. Madhushree and Yuvan have sung this melodious romantic track. Vaali's simple lyrics and Madhushree's mesmerizing voice are the major highlight of this song.

Mankatha Audio review from TOI

Mankatha Audio review from TOI

Madhushree's Nanbane - Mankatha

Movie : Mankatha

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics : Vaali

Singers : Madhushree, Yuvan Shankar Raaja