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Happy Birthday Madhushree

Happy Birthday Madhushree
(2nd November)

From Dinesh, Madhushree-Mania.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chintju ji - Chai Ke Bahane Song

Hi guys, lately i heard of a Madhushree number, called Chai Ke Bahane, from the movie Chintu Ji. Its an amazing song, though it sounds very old kinda composition, but it sounds sweet. Madhushree is clearly the highlight in this song. But alas, the song didnt get any recognition. Listen it here :

Chintu Ji (2009)

Actors : Kulraj Randhawa, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Rishi Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla
Director : Ranjit Kapoor
Producer : Kaleidoscope Entertainment
Year : 2009 Chai Ke Bhane
Singer : Madhushree, Roop Kumar Rathod
Music Director : Abhishek
Lyrics : Yash Bharadwaj

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blue Music Review - Yaar Mila Thaa - PlanetBollywood.Com

Blue Music Review - Yaar Mila Thaa - PlanetBollywood.Com

After the Blue Theme, Yaar Mila Tha has got to be my favorite track from Blue. It’s one of the strongest compositions—no wonder Rahman chooses two very gifted singers—Madhushree and Udit Narayan—for this song. Ujjayinee Roy, Shi Millhouse, and Raven Millhouse are credited with backing vocals. Abbas Tyrewala really excels in providing fun “roothaa-roothi” “chhedd-chaad” lyrics. Just take a look at these lines:

Raah takti thi toh khafaa ho gayi thi tu yaa bewafaa?

Ke panghat pe ghoonghat ke binaa,

Jaa baithi kaise tu woh bhi mere binaa?!

Ussi panghat pe jaahaan jhat se pehli baar thaami thi maine teri kalaayi, harjaayi!

Jaahan dhoop se hum bache the, jaahaan nache the apne kadam,

Aur besharam, woh kalayi,

Tu thamaa ke aayi,

Haathon mein naa jaane kis khotte ke, kis potte ke, mere hote se par sote se!

Par tu ne hi toh usse bhejaa naa?

Ke meraa pyaar piyaa ko de jaanaa.

When I heard Udit Narayan sing the word "khote" I couldn't help but giggle. The song is just so sweet and playful naa yaar! The electronic shehnaai sound is really fun to listen to and so are the “taa teenaa teen teen teenaa” chorus vocals. The percussion arrangements are perfect. Both Madhushree and Udit Narayan really get into the song, which is nice since these days most singers sing without any feel.

Blue Music Review ~ Stirred & Stylish - Yaar Mila Thaa - Rahmaniac.Wordpress.Com

Blue Music Review ~ Stirred & Stylish - Yaar Mila Thaa - Rahmaniac.Wordpress.Com

Yaar Mila Tha | Udit Narayanan, Madushree, Ujjayinee Roy

Udit Narayan makes a comeback to the playback scene after quite a while with ‘Yaar Mila Tha’. He is joined by Madhushree, whose cinnamon flavoured honeyed voice is a perfect foil for his flat sweetness. Somewhere between hip-hop, reggae and masala, this track hangs in the balance, waiting to be leavened with the addition of some spunky jhatkas. At the start, one starts to wonder if the track is going to be any good, but as the song starts progressing, second-by-second, and the beats start, you will be completely blown away by the feel of the song. The arrangements yet again are something to talk about – watch out for the synthesized Shehnai, and the delicate piano in the background. The beats are eclectic and electrifying, and, coupled with the percussions, make for just the right sound and that rare experiment which clicks, and keeps growing over you after each listen.

Blue Music Review - Yaar Mila Thaa - OneIndia.In

Blue Music Review

Blue Music Review - Yaar Mila Thaa -

Blue Music Review - Yaar Mila Thaa -

To bring the album to a close, Rahman's ever reliable lieutenant, Udit Narayan, comes out of semi-retirement for this endearing 'ched-chaad' song that is sung in a cute conversational manner, and the 'madhur si' Madhushree supports him ably. The rocking and rolling rhythm is simply enchanting, and this combined with some international feel musical addendums in the background make for a lovely composition. The use of Indian musical instruments like the synthesized 'shehnai' and Western percussions and piano blend gently into the song making it a 'hat ke' experience. The use of Bhojpuri lyrics, along with Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi by the powerhouse of talent, Abbas Tyrewala, is unique and relishing. And we know why Rahman has called Udit out of semi-retirement (for the unaware, Udit is now of the top singer/producer of Bhojpuri films/songs) to render this song. Moreover one never knew that the maestro had it in him to compose a song that will strike right at the heart of the hinterland.

Blue Audio Review...

Hi there all Madhushree fans.... ive been reading all the music review of Blue, and i notice hardly anyone review focused on the vocals of Madhushree' song, they rather just mention its a good song rendered by Udit and Madhu. Still i will post it. Its really a good song though!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Madhushree in A.R.Rahman's BLUE

Madhushree in A.R.Rahman's BLUE








Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sau Janam - What's Your Raashee Song Review -

Sau Janam - What's Your Raashee Song Review -

Sau Janam, the Pisces–Meen song, is a dreamy, saccharine sweet melody with the electric guitar and drums fused in nicely to give the song, which is overall reminiscent of the late 80’s early 90’s types of romantic numbers, a slightly modern touch. Udit Narayan and Madhushree suit this genre to the tee while Sohail again makes his mark as singer.

Sau Janam - What's Your Raashee

Sau Janam - What's Your Raashee

A Madhushree number, pardon for not getting any online source for you guys to listen, but her latest number is released.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


2009-08-17 23:15:2

It was a bit disappointing for all of us, because we worked hard towards the single track, but we learned from the marketing point of views, that releasing a single here in India is not viable.

So we decided to do a wole album and this is a very good move. Apart from the one single track, we are busy making 5 more track in the same genre. All will be penned by Dr.Sardar Anjum and the music will be composed by Robby Badal.

Our goal is to finish the audio part by the end of this month and the marketing people are busy with the video part. The video will be obviously made on the 1st track "Awaz Do, Andaz Do"

Apart from Madhushree\'s and Sukhvinder\'s vocals, we will add some more singers in the rest of the tracks.

The releasing date is not fixed yet, but surely we will do it this year only as part of our tribute to the Kargil War Heros, which was happened ten years ago.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


2009-08-06 02:00:56

The single track with the youth awareness will be released with some other hit songs of Madhushree. The marketing team of the project could not agree to the single-track way of releasing an album. According to them the Indian buyers are not ready to pay for one track in an album and secondary the production cost of the album is the as the single. Only there will be costs of extra tracks to prepare.
As said in screen for the release of this album on occasion of 15th august, this will be postponed till another date. “We are busy adding more tracks in the album and apart from this the video director needs more time for the main track to finalize the video”, Madhushree added.
Speaking with the writer, Padma Bhushan Dr.Anjum, said that he is invited to Incheon Music Fair in Korea in September with Pt.Jashraj. He has already sent this lyric to the music fair of Korea.

Friday, August 7, 2009 Relaunched - 12 Hour 34 MIN, 56 SEC, 7th DAY, 8th MONTH, 9 YEAR = 123456789 Relaunched on the "12 Hour 34 MIN, 56 SEC, 7th DAY, 8th MONTH, 9 YEAR = 123456789"

Haha, isnt that cool?? Something to be remembered all the time!! :D ... and the website looks awesome!!!

Do check it out!!!!

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Madhushree's Bhojpuri Number : Ek Raat Aehija

Madhushree's Bhojpuri Number : Ek Raat Aehija - Laxmi Aisan Dulhin Hamaar

Laxmi Aisan Dulhin Hamaar
Year :2008
Music Director :Pappu Srivastava
Label :T-Series

Ek Raat Aehija
Satish Maapatpuri

Friday, July 24, 2009

‘Single’ Minded - Madhushree

‘Single’ Minded

Rajiv Vijayakar

Posted: Jul 24, 2009 at 1255 hrs IST

She’s coming up with a single aimed at making the youth awareness of crucial national issues on the occasion of Independence Day. Madhushree, who enjoys a special rapport with A.R.Rahman, discusses both... and more

The idea for a ‘single’ album arose from Madhushree’s disllusionment with the response to her last labum Laagi Lagan, which “had eight good thumris”. “My album has a great response even internationally because of the modern arrangements. Six other beautiful songs went unnoticed because we made videos of only two tracks! So I thought there was no point in my composer husband Robby Badal and I working hard on eight songs if finally only the videos mattered.”

The album, slated for a release on August 15, is Madhushree’s mission to make today’s youth awaken to the serious problems our nation is facing, including global warming, water depletion, terrorism et al. “Padma Bhushan Sardar Anjum has written very stirring verse and the music is by my husband Robby again,” says Madhushree. “When I made Sukhwinderji listen to the song, he insisted that he would sing it with me. And as we know, he is superb at such songs!”

The singer who began with Rajesh Roshan’s Moksha in 2001 is singing in What’s Your Rashee? and some more films for young new composers and also for A.R.Rahman, with whom she’s been a special favourite - the composer even ensured that Laagi Lagan was formally released at his recording studio. “After Jai ho, Rahman is spending so much time abroad and we singers are missing him badly!” she says. “I came from a classical background, but it was only after singing for him in Saathiya, Yuva, Kisna and other films that I learnt how to be a proper playback singer, learning expressions and other aspects. He brought finesse to my singing.”

The singer adds that recording for Rahman is all about a “ghar jaisa” ambience. “I spend four to seven days with him only on absorbing and rehearsing the song. He is a very jovial and genuine human being.”
But Madhushree admits that the fun has otherwise gone out of film music. “Music waisa nahin raha jaise hota tha,” she says thoughtfully. “Yeh trend hai, theek hai, this will also change,” she adds confidently. “Also, I think that people like Lataji and Ashaji were very lucky because they could concentrate only on singing. Today a singer has to look presentable, go to the gym and do all those things besides looking at the musical aspect!” But she admits that being on television on different shows have been fruitful experiences.

Finally, is it easier or tougher singing for her husband? “I am more comfortable working for others!” she laughs. “My husband is more finicky and we argue a lot. But there is a plus side too - he makes songs to my scale!”

One of Bollywood's Sexiest Singers (2008) (Rediff) - Madhushree

Bollywood's sexiest singers Madhushree

Who she is: Madhushree's real name is Sujata Bhattacharya. It was A R Rahman who asked her to change her name, as he felt Sujata was too common a name in the music world.

She has sung for various Hindi movies like Saathiya, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Swades, Rang De Basanti and Guru.

She has sung in Tamil and Telugu films as well.

Style file: Madhushree is not overtly stylish, and usually wears saris at her stage shows. But her smile makes her look stunning.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A coincidental singer - Madhushree

A coincidental singer - Madhushree

- Soumita Sengupta & Sonali Joshi

Although Madhushree made her Bollywood debut with a forgettable movie called Moksha, it took her some time to make her mark. She shot to fame with her adorable rendition of 'Kabhi neem neem' (Yuva) for which she won an award as well.

This year, she once again delivered a great song with A R Rahman. 'In lamhon ke daaman mein' is undoubtedly one of the best tracks on the Jodhaa Akbar album. In a tête-à-tête, she tells us how playback singing was a coincidence, what's special about her album Laagi Lagan, and acting in the future.

We heard that Rajesh Roshan got you your first break.
Actually, Javedji (Akhtar) introduced me to Rajeshji. He heard my voice, liked it and told me that he had a song to record which he would ask me to sing if it suited my voice and style. I was very scared when I walked into the studio, but I tried my best and he liked it. It was a good song called ‘Mohabbat zindagi hai’ from Moksha.

Tell us about your background.
I have a musical background. My father is a very good singer and I started learning singing from him. Then I learnt classical singing from Dr Omir Dayal. I never thought I would become a playback signer some day, although I always liked singing filmy songs. My father wanted me to become a classical singer. When I finished my studies, I got an opportunity to work as a singer in South America. So at a young age, I went there. After four years, I moved to Holland. Gradually I decided to take up singing as a career. That brought me to Mumbai, and by god's grace I got a chance to sing as well.

What do you feel about the competition in Bollywood?
I do not feel any competition and consider myself very lucky to have got a chance to sing in this era. If we had Lataji and Ashaji singing in our era, then you could have said that we have competition. Now it has become an open profession as there are so many styles of singing. Earlier there was only one profession of playback singing. Nowadays, a singer who does albums and reality shows also sings in films, which was not the case in olden days. This is a great time for artists to display their talent.

Why did you choose playback singing as career?
That was coincidental. A decade ago, I went to Kolkata to record a song. Sanuda (Kumar Sanu) met me then and suggested that I go to Mumbai and try playback singing. Even ten years back ago, the general perception was that if you have become successful in playback singing, then that is it. So I thought why not give it a try? But today I consider myself a singer, without restricting myself as a pop or playback singer.

You won the Sony Stardust Award in 2005 for the Best Female Singing Sensation for ‘Kabhi neem neem’ from Yuva. Tell us about that experience.
Honestly, I was surprised. I never thought that song would be so popular! When the award organisers asked me to come for the ceremony, I was a little scared; but I was jubiliant on receiving the honour.

Your album Laagi Lagan was released recently. What’s unique about it?
This album has a mixture of Indian and Western style, I have used thumri with contemporary music. Normally everyone uses Sufi style but I wanted to experiment with thumri, and I have received a very good response especially from youngsters. I have used old songs like ‘Ka karu sajni’ and others. There are two new compositions by Robby Badal.

Whom do you look up to for inspiration?
I have learnt singing from many people but when I listen to any song and like it, I get inspired. One name is surely of Rafiji.

You are a Bengali but have sung many songs in Tamil. How difficult was it?
It was a coincidence again. I sang ‘Kabhi neem neem’ in Tamil and it was a super hit. I practised a lot. I could not say no because they wanted to record it with the same singer in both languages. I somehow managed and then got many offers from south as well. Now I have taken training in pronunciation so it is not too difficult for me.

Everyone comes to Bollywood with a dream. What was your dream? Have you got any acting offers?
Good question. I have a photogenic face so I have got some offers but I ignored them all. Even Rehmaji has complimented me. But times are changing; my dream was to become a singer, but you never know what the future has in store.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Unakkul Naane - Pacchakili Muthucharam Mix

Alright, before u have any idea on why i ever did a remix on that song, let me tell u this. ITS NOT A REMIX!! haha!

What i mean mix as in i did a mix between the voices, Bombay Jayashree and Madhushree.

As we know, Bombay Jayashree's verson was the one which was used in the movie, though Madhushree's version is the original number. So i have mixed between both the singers, as in as if they took turns to sing the lines one after another. I have took the best portion of Bombay Jayashree and best portion of Madhushree and joint them together. Here is the link. Please feel free to comment. :)

Movie : Pachaikili Muthucharam
Song : Unakkul Naan
Singer(s) : Madhushree, Bombay Jayashree
Mixed by : Dinesh Scaran

Friday, July 3, 2009

Uyire Uyire - Muthirai Song Review by Anand

Atleast he credited Madhushree correctly . :)

Muthirai – Tamil Music Review

Uyire Uyire (Javed Ali, Madhushree)
I think Yuvan has chosen this combination for the 4′th album in succession. I am big fan of Javed and Madhusree and they have justified it with a decent rendition. The song is average at best when compared to the rest of the songs.Watch out for the guitar piece in the background.

Uyire Uyire - Muthirai Song Review

Uyire Uyire - Muthirai Song Review

Uyire Uyire---

Vocals: Jaaved Ali, Madhumita
Lyrics: Snehan

Another duet with slow curving sangatis and nice staggered rhythms .And sexy lyrics! A stylish bit from the flute goes ‘dha-ma-ni-dha’ where the ‘dha’ vibrates showing up touches of Sindhubairavi raga. Jaaved is easy on the ears in higher octaves, but Madhumita’s powerful voice takes a beating.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another song of Madhushree not credited to her! Uyire Uyire - Mutthirai

Hi all there, a song from the album " Mutthirai", music by Yuvan Shankar Raja, whereby Madhushree sang a song called " Uyire Uyire" was credited to Madhumitha. Its a luck that i just randomly went through this song in a website and was shocked to hear Madhushree singing it. Ive check the audio cover of this album, and it was printed as Madhumitha. Hmmmm.... But well, the song is good! Hope not to see such mistakes happen in the future. :)

Muthirai Music Review

4. Uyire Uyire

Singer: Jaaved Ali, Madhumitha

A romantic duet with nice rhythms and slow but steady flow of music. Snehan's lyrics are romantic while Jaaved's voice fits the song like a T, while Madhumitha renders it in high octave.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Madhushree is on Twitter

Catch/Follow Madhushree on :). She updates her current activities there, not in full, but as a shoutout. :) But hey, u can get to see whats going on there...its great! come on!

Monday, June 22, 2009 to be back !

Hey there all Madhushree fans! As we all know, for the past few months was not available and so. Now the site will be online very soon, with new outlook and complete contents.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rendu Rendu - Arumugam (Suraj, Madhushree)

Rendu Rendu - Arumugam (Suraj, Madhushree)

A new Tamil Number by Madhushree

Banner: Productions
Cast: Bharath, Priyamani, Ramya Krishnan, Saranya Mohan, Karunas, Ilavarasu, Adhitya, Sathya,
Seetha, Kavithalaya Krishna, Maganadhi Shankar, Aniruth
Direction: Suresh Krishna
Production: Shenbagakumar
Music : Deva

Artist(s): Madhushree, Suraj
Lyricist: Pa. Vijay

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vedigundu Murugesan music review -

Vedigundu Murugesan music review
Vijayalakshmi Sridhar [May 20, 2009, 2:34:53 PM]

Madhushree and Madhu Balakrishnan’s ‘Sarale Sarale’ rocks the listeners making them dance.

For Full audio review, click :

Vedikundu Murugesan (2009) - Saarale Saarale

Vedikundu Murugesan (2009) - Saarale Saarale

Saarale Saarale
Singer : Madhu Balakrishnan, Madushree

Madhushree's latest Tamil song.... Her tamil diction sounds awfully good !!! Lotsa difference.... The song is OK, but as usual, Madhushree rocks...!! haha!!

Teri Sajni (2009) Online Link (Listen)

Teri Sajni (2009)

Language : Hindi
Lyrics : Vipin Kakkar
Music Director : Sandeep Chowta

The new album Teri Sajni is packed with a complete compilation of Sufi love songs rendered by renowned singers like Kailash Kher, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan along with newcomer Master Saleem and Shruti Pathak.
Hum Hain Is Pal Yahan
Singer : Madhushree, Sandeep Acharya
Humein Tumse Pyar Kitna
Singer : Madhushree, Sandeep Acharya

* Its a rework version of the original songs, Madhushree has rendered the song again for this tracks. It has a whole different magic all over.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Teri Sajni (2009)

Teri Sajni (2009)

Language : Hindi
Lyrics : Vipin Kakkar
Music Director : Sandeep Chowta

The new album Teri Sajni is packed with a complete compilation of Sufi love songs rendered by renowned singers like Kailash Kher, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan along with newcomer Master Saleem and Shruti Pathak.
Hum Hain Is Pal Yahan
Singer : Madhushree, Sandeep Acharya

Humein Tumse Pyar Kitna
Singer : Madhushree, Sandeep Acharya

* Its a rework version of the original songs, Madhushree has rendered the song again for this tracks. It has a whole different magic all over.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What ever I am today, I am because of my fans : Madhushree

What ever I am today, I am because of my fans : Madhushree

May 3rd, 2009

Singer Madhushree is celebrating her ‘Jjhoom India’ win these days. We caught up her in an ecstatic mood recently.Q: Are you feeling on top of the world?

A: I am doubly happy. Firstly, by God’s grace, I have always been winning in the competitions. Secondly, I am happy because this was the first time that I was teaching someone the art of singing. So I am happy for the fact that my teaching has paid off finally.

Q: Don’t you think you were lucky to have a co-singer like Sachin who is naturally a good singer?

A: Of course, I was lucky to have Sachin as my co-singer. He was always good in singing so nothing much was there to look after.

Q: Are you still in touch with Sachin and other participants?

A: Yes, most of them. I have family relations with Akriti, Sachin, Sudeshji, Mika and Sanjivani. We do party together.

Q: Were you a tough teacher?

A: Actually, no one was a kid here and so there is no question of being strict with anyone. And Sachin already has a refined voice and so I only taught him the technical aspects which were an easy task. But he was always an obedient student.

Q: Sachin said that off the sets you fight like kids, is this true?

A: Yes, we used to fight like kids. Many times we had tiffs over the selection of songs. But ultimately he was always nice to me.

Q: What are you doing these days? Taking a break or back to work?

A: Since the last three months, I was not doing much singing. I focused myself on ‘Jjhoom India’ totally. In fact I had recorded songs for my album before ‘Jjhoom India’, and now its time to shoot the album.

Q: Is there any moment that you will never forget on the sets of ‘Jjhoom India’?

A: There are so many moments which I cannot forget. All of us in ‘Jjhoom’ were one big family.

Q: Which one was your favorite performance?

A: I can never forget our performance ‘Hum dil de chuke sanam’. After the elimination every performance is my favorite.

Q: On the first day of the show, were you expecting to win this title?

A: I have never thought about it like that. If it was my solo show I could have thought so, but I was apprehensive about Sachin. When I heard his voice, I was 100 percent sure that we will win this title.

Q: Now that you have won this title, do you want to say anything to you fans?

A: I just want to thank them because whatever I am today it’s because of my fans. Madhushree would not have been here without their support.

-Saakshi Tiwari

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Marudhani - Sakarakatti (Voice Only)

Marudhani - Sakarakatti (Voice Only)

Hi guys, i would 1st like to convey my sincere thanks to AnamikaDigital crew for sharing this excellent Madhushree's song in Voice Only method. Listening to this will only show what an excellent singer Madhushree is. Seriously, her voice and rendition is so good that even without music it sounds just as amazing ! Here is the download link :


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Madhushree on A.R.Rahman


He is always searching. He's very creative. He wants to work with new people, make new sounds, do new things

Web | Feb 27, 2009

Rahman‘s speciality is always looking to do new things. If a song becomes a hit, people try to imitate that. But Rahman always says that even if something is a superhit, it should be left alone and something new should be tried. I’ve told him, "This song was so good we should do something like that." And he replied, "No, you shouldn’t cash in on success like that." That, actually, is why he is successful.

From whatever I’ve sung in my career, 99% is for Rahman. I met him in 2001 for Saathiya and we started our association then and we continue: Kisna, Tehzeeb, Yuva, Swades, Jodha Akbar, Mangal Pandey and a lot of Tamil films. When he likes what I do for him he says in Hindi, "Behatareen!"

He is always searching. He’s very creative. He wants to work with new people, make new sounds, do new things. This is a constant search within him and you can see it. That has made him reach where he has. I am lucky to have sung for him but even in my songs you’ll not find two songs sounding alike be it Pal pal hai bhari or Kabhi neem neem, or indeed any film. He’s always giving opportunities to new voices -- that’s praiseworthy. He may not understand Hindi completely but his musicality is infallible.

When you sing for others, they ask you your range and pitch, but with Rahman it’s different. He is a technician himself and knows what I can sing well and works accordingly. When he does the final mixing, even your own song sounds different to you.

From Roja onwards, I’ve loved all his songs. In Pukar, Anuradha Paudwal sang a song kismat se tum which is my favourite from Rahman’s songs. It is in Raag Bhimpalasi. He utilizes classical raagas very beautifully.

His speciality is that even in films, the song is there for a purpose, it enhances the film. In this industry, there is a lot of politics and sometimes you think what’s the point? Maybe we should also be like the others but then I see Rahman, his simplicity and his dedication to his work and I realise that one should just work with focus. And your rewards will come.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Endhiran – Most Pricey song ever in Kollywood (Madhushree's Number)

Endhiran – Most Pricey song ever in Kollywood
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, March 12, 2009]

On the dots, it’s going to be the most luxuriously crafted flick by Shankar so far in his career. With the budget getting on higher around Rs.150Crores, the filmmaker goes irresistible in picturing each and every frame so lavish in style. Aye! It’s all about ‘Endhiran’ that the entire town talks about.

Meanwhile, here’s a lollapalooza for Shankar’s top-notching make of a song that was earlier witnessed with ‘Boom Boom’ in Boys, ‘Randakka’ in Anniyan and ‘Vaaji Vaaji’ in Sivaji – The Boss. Well, a costliest title song for ‘Endhiran’ was shot extensively in Hyderabad with Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai and 1000 junior artists on the grand sets erected by Sabu Cyril. The spotlighting dioramas of this song are all about the expensive-robot-costumes wore by the junior artists. A.R. Rahman has the snazzy tunes spelled with Madhurshree of ‘Vaaji’ fame crooning for it.

More stunning part in this musical album would be three exclusive signature themes that was scored by A. R. Rahman.

Indeed, it’s Maestro’s gift for magniloquent filmmaker….

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ash and Boss at Hyderabad (Madhushree's Number)

Ash and Boss at Hyderabad
March 06, 2009

Endhiran alias Robot, the magnum opus of Shankar-Rajinikanth-Rahman is getting chiseled in a perfect manner. Currently the shooting is happening in India after the initial overseas schedule. Though secrecy has always remained the keyword with all of Shankar’s projects, the visual, print and the web media have been successful in getting hold of information about the film in one way or the other.

The latest to come from the Robot’s stable is that a song will be shot soon at Hyderabad involving the lead pair which is likely to be Shankar’s signature number. Industry sources aver that this song will be choreographed on lines of Randakka in Anniyan or Azhagana Ratshasi in Mudalvan where aesthetic and creative minds went into work which took care of the minutest details in the frame. The colossal set for this number will be created by Sabu Cyril in which Ash and Boss will be gyrating along with junior artists in expensive attire to the tune of double Oscar winner A R Rahman, sung by Madhushree.

Endhiran - Expensive title song to be shot (Madhushree's Number)

Endhiran - Expensive title song to be shot
By Moviebuzz | Friday, 06 March , 2009, 05:26

A song rumoured to be the title song for Rajinikanth’s Shankar directed Endhiran will be shot at Hyderabad. The song is a typical Shankar song where heroine Aishwarya Rai is shown showering her love on the hero Rajinikanth.

Remember the Vaaji, Vaaji, title song shot on Rajini and Shriya in Sivaji, showing the superstar’s heroism? The song was picturised with all Shankar trademarks of splendor, glamour and glitz with Madhusree singing to A.R Rahman’s tune.

Something similar in style with more richness and grandeur is being planned by the “showman of south cinema” Shankar on Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai for Endhiran accompanied by nearly 1000 junior artists, all of them wearing silver colored ‘Robo’ costumes. This song which was recorded recently by A.R Rahman was also sung by Madhusri.

It will be one of the most expensive songs in Kollywood, as the Robo costumes with thongs worn by the group dancers is said to be very expensive. It will be shot on a set created by art director Sabu Cyril in a Hyderabad studio, and will be a major highlight of the film.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sirugugal - Sarvam Song Review by IndiaGlitz

Sarvam - Mighty stroke by Yuvan
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, March 04, 2009]

5. Siragugal - Listen here

Singer: Javed Ali, Madhushree

Lyricist: Pa Vijay

With simplistic and mild beat percussions blended for rhythms, its voices of Javed Ali and Madhushree that shines all throughout. Altho’ not so appealing on the tunes, it may take U-turns on the screens with accordance to Nirav’s trenchant pictorials.

Fine! Yuvan stuns with a blend of sang-froid ambience that later on the 40th second transcends into a spine-tingling feel. Precisely, when heard on perfect sound systems with maximum volume, it would throw you high on the floors. A magnetizing signature that slightly carries off with the traces of Billa’s theme music…

The complete theme of Sarvam is so intensely revealing with this piece of music that starts off with jolly-ridden feel that turns into a panorama of panic-stricken ones.