Friday, March 6, 2009

Ash and Boss at Hyderabad (Madhushree's Number)

Ash and Boss at Hyderabad
March 06, 2009

Endhiran alias Robot, the magnum opus of Shankar-Rajinikanth-Rahman is getting chiseled in a perfect manner. Currently the shooting is happening in India after the initial overseas schedule. Though secrecy has always remained the keyword with all of Shankar’s projects, the visual, print and the web media have been successful in getting hold of information about the film in one way or the other.

The latest to come from the Robot’s stable is that a song will be shot soon at Hyderabad involving the lead pair which is likely to be Shankar’s signature number. Industry sources aver that this song will be choreographed on lines of Randakka in Anniyan or Azhagana Ratshasi in Mudalvan where aesthetic and creative minds went into work which took care of the minutest details in the frame. The colossal set for this number will be created by Sabu Cyril in which Ash and Boss will be gyrating along with junior artists in expensive attire to the tune of double Oscar winner A R Rahman, sung by Madhushree.

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