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Blue Music Review - Yaar Mila Thaa - PlanetBollywood.Com

Blue Music Review - Yaar Mila Thaa - PlanetBollywood.Com

After the Blue Theme, Yaar Mila Tha has got to be my favorite track from Blue. It’s one of the strongest compositions—no wonder Rahman chooses two very gifted singers—Madhushree and Udit Narayan—for this song. Ujjayinee Roy, Shi Millhouse, and Raven Millhouse are credited with backing vocals. Abbas Tyrewala really excels in providing fun “roothaa-roothi” “chhedd-chaad” lyrics. Just take a look at these lines:

Raah takti thi toh khafaa ho gayi thi tu yaa bewafaa?

Ke panghat pe ghoonghat ke binaa,

Jaa baithi kaise tu woh bhi mere binaa?!

Ussi panghat pe jaahaan jhat se pehli baar thaami thi maine teri kalaayi, harjaayi!

Jaahan dhoop se hum bache the, jaahaan nache the apne kadam,

Aur besharam, woh kalayi,

Tu thamaa ke aayi,

Haathon mein naa jaane kis khotte ke, kis potte ke, mere hote se par sote se!

Par tu ne hi toh usse bhejaa naa?

Ke meraa pyaar piyaa ko de jaanaa.

When I heard Udit Narayan sing the word "khote" I couldn't help but giggle. The song is just so sweet and playful naa yaar! The electronic shehnaai sound is really fun to listen to and so are the “taa teenaa teen teen teenaa” chorus vocals. The percussion arrangements are perfect. Both Madhushree and Udit Narayan really get into the song, which is nice since these days most singers sing without any feel.

Blue Music Review ~ Stirred & Stylish - Yaar Mila Thaa - Rahmaniac.Wordpress.Com

Blue Music Review ~ Stirred & Stylish - Yaar Mila Thaa - Rahmaniac.Wordpress.Com

Yaar Mila Tha | Udit Narayanan, Madushree, Ujjayinee Roy

Udit Narayan makes a comeback to the playback scene after quite a while with ‘Yaar Mila Tha’. He is joined by Madhushree, whose cinnamon flavoured honeyed voice is a perfect foil for his flat sweetness. Somewhere between hip-hop, reggae and masala, this track hangs in the balance, waiting to be leavened with the addition of some spunky jhatkas. At the start, one starts to wonder if the track is going to be any good, but as the song starts progressing, second-by-second, and the beats start, you will be completely blown away by the feel of the song. The arrangements yet again are something to talk about – watch out for the synthesized Shehnai, and the delicate piano in the background. The beats are eclectic and electrifying, and, coupled with the percussions, make for just the right sound and that rare experiment which clicks, and keeps growing over you after each listen.

Blue Music Review - Yaar Mila Thaa - OneIndia.In

Blue Music Review

Blue Music Review - Yaar Mila Thaa -

Blue Music Review - Yaar Mila Thaa -

To bring the album to a close, Rahman's ever reliable lieutenant, Udit Narayan, comes out of semi-retirement for this endearing 'ched-chaad' song that is sung in a cute conversational manner, and the 'madhur si' Madhushree supports him ably. The rocking and rolling rhythm is simply enchanting, and this combined with some international feel musical addendums in the background make for a lovely composition. The use of Indian musical instruments like the synthesized 'shehnai' and Western percussions and piano blend gently into the song making it a 'hat ke' experience. The use of Bhojpuri lyrics, along with Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi by the powerhouse of talent, Abbas Tyrewala, is unique and relishing. And we know why Rahman has called Udit out of semi-retirement (for the unaware, Udit is now of the top singer/producer of Bhojpuri films/songs) to render this song. Moreover one never knew that the maestro had it in him to compose a song that will strike right at the heart of the hinterland.

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Hi there all Madhushree fans.... ive been reading all the music review of Blue, and i notice hardly anyone review focused on the vocals of Madhushree' song, they rather just mention its a good song rendered by Udit and Madhu. Still i will post it. Its really a good song though!