Saturday, June 11, 2011

Madhushree's Shreya - Saravana Stores (Antique Jewellery) HD

The Clearer version.

Singer : Madhushree
Music Director : D.Imman
Model : Actress Shreya Saran
Release date : 2007

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Music Review: Kuch Pal (Madhushree) - HappySing

I knew Madhushree as an A R Rahman favorite. Remember the name from Kabhi Neem Neem of Yuva, but she never sang too much, though keeping on registering her presence. And this time she does it again, gets her presence felt in her first (I guess) private album, Kuch Pal.

The album starts with ‘Hero‘ which sounds like a song of ’90s, but Madhushree’s voice is perfect for the song and the song is lovable, even with the oldy music. Tale Spin’s rap is nothing too great, but doesn’t disturb the flow of song and in due times gets mixed into the song. Like.

The next song, Chal Kuchh Pal, the title song of the album, is again a slow number but the arrangements don’t sound old like they did in the first one. An okay one that would again sound better every time you listen to it.

The third song, Ishq ne aisa is a good one as the composition, though slow, is easy, simple and still lovely. The lyrics of the romantic number are good, though the words ‘ishq ne aisa shankh bajaya’ were a bit confusing to my ears. Still, the song featuring Sachin Tyagi, is nice. Do listen to this one if you’re one for slow, ghazal-ish-ly old sounding love songs.

The next song, Pal, starts with some lovely keys on Piano with percussion entering the song in style while Madhushree sings pal har pal, mere saath chal, jaana na mujhse tu aage nikal. Besides the lyrics, the song is a lovely mixture of simple arrangements of instruments.

Shabnami, though, was one song of the album where I thought the composition was okay but Madhushree sounded a bit uncomfrotable with the song, or maybe just not the right choice for the song. Okay.

The next song, Tum bhi ek Baar is a lovely one mostly based on Tabla, while the background has a jazzy touch. A beautiful combination of lyrics, singing, tabla and saxophone. Do listen to this one.

Aaj ki raat is a ghazal with a modern touch, and though the extra additions are not so good, the main ghazal is well composed and sung, well enough to be liked at least.

Jaane Kya Hua featuring composer Robby Badal is a lovely composition that sounds good right from the start where Madhushree sings almost an unplugged and then moves to some slowly falling beats. The slow number gives a good chance to the singer and she does her job quite wonderfully.

The last song is a Tamil version of Hero but the track is so interesting that I fell again for the song in the first twenty seconds itself when there was no language spoken one. I probably wouldn’t mind listening to the song in Tamil a few times as well, though I hardly understand a word there.

Overall, Madhushree’s Kuch Pal is something to look for if you like slow, slightly old sounding songs. While the compositions and arrangements are not old everywhere and have some new and interesting things as well, a touch and tendency towards the old music is there in the album, that probably suits Madhushree’s voice well. The album is definitely good and can prove one for your long term collection depending on your tastes.