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What ever I am today, I am because of my fans : Madhushree

What ever I am today, I am because of my fans : Madhushree

May 3rd, 2009

Singer Madhushree is celebrating her ‘Jjhoom India’ win these days. We caught up her in an ecstatic mood recently.Q: Are you feeling on top of the world?

A: I am doubly happy. Firstly, by God’s grace, I have always been winning in the competitions. Secondly, I am happy because this was the first time that I was teaching someone the art of singing. So I am happy for the fact that my teaching has paid off finally.

Q: Don’t you think you were lucky to have a co-singer like Sachin who is naturally a good singer?

A: Of course, I was lucky to have Sachin as my co-singer. He was always good in singing so nothing much was there to look after.

Q: Are you still in touch with Sachin and other participants?

A: Yes, most of them. I have family relations with Akriti, Sachin, Sudeshji, Mika and Sanjivani. We do party together.

Q: Were you a tough teacher?

A: Actually, no one was a kid here and so there is no question of being strict with anyone. And Sachin already has a refined voice and so I only taught him the technical aspects which were an easy task. But he was always an obedient student.

Q: Sachin said that off the sets you fight like kids, is this true?

A: Yes, we used to fight like kids. Many times we had tiffs over the selection of songs. But ultimately he was always nice to me.

Q: What are you doing these days? Taking a break or back to work?

A: Since the last three months, I was not doing much singing. I focused myself on ‘Jjhoom India’ totally. In fact I had recorded songs for my album before ‘Jjhoom India’, and now its time to shoot the album.

Q: Is there any moment that you will never forget on the sets of ‘Jjhoom India’?

A: There are so many moments which I cannot forget. All of us in ‘Jjhoom’ were one big family.

Q: Which one was your favorite performance?

A: I can never forget our performance ‘Hum dil de chuke sanam’. After the elimination every performance is my favorite.

Q: On the first day of the show, were you expecting to win this title?

A: I have never thought about it like that. If it was my solo show I could have thought so, but I was apprehensive about Sachin. When I heard his voice, I was 100 percent sure that we will win this title.

Q: Now that you have won this title, do you want to say anything to you fans?

A: I just want to thank them because whatever I am today it’s because of my fans. Madhushree would not have been here without their support.

-Saakshi Tiwari

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