Sunday, July 5, 2009

Unakkul Naane - Pacchakili Muthucharam Mix

Alright, before u have any idea on why i ever did a remix on that song, let me tell u this. ITS NOT A REMIX!! haha!

What i mean mix as in i did a mix between the voices, Bombay Jayashree and Madhushree.

As we know, Bombay Jayashree's verson was the one which was used in the movie, though Madhushree's version is the original number. So i have mixed between both the singers, as in as if they took turns to sing the lines one after another. I have took the best portion of Bombay Jayashree and best portion of Madhushree and joint them together. Here is the link. Please feel free to comment. :)

Movie : Pachaikili Muthucharam
Song : Unakkul Naan
Singer(s) : Madhushree, Bombay Jayashree
Mixed by : Dinesh Scaran

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