Monday, February 2, 2009

Less Madhushree songs nowdays??

Its been quite some time since we ever heard a Madhushree number. I know even i found out about her Telugu song, from the movie Homam only 2 weeks back though its a 2008 number. Oh well, as for me, being not able to listen to new Madhushree songs is like not getting enough oxygen, Haha! There have been many appreciation for her Marudhani song, and in which i was expecting her to sing atleast half a dozen of Tamil songs after that, but sadly, not even 1 was there.

Even in Hindi film music i dun see her name often. Her last Hindi number was from Jeena To Hai. Hope to see her be in full swing in both Tamil and Hindi film music after this. Hoping to see atleast she croons a dozen of songs in each languages in 2009...

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