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Music & lyrics of Commonwealth Games Opening Song

Music & lyrics


Posted: Nov 28, 2008 at 2230 hrs IST

Sardar Anjum’s poetry & Madhushree’s voice will be in harmony at the grand ceremony of the Commonwealth Games

Hum sitaare hain zameen ke...aasmaan tak jayenge, jaan se pyaara tiranga chand par lehrayenge
Zindagi ek imtihaan hai, imtihaan ka dar nahin, hum andheron se guzar kar roshni kehlayenge...

Sardar Anjum’s words are not only inspirational, but bring hope, a sea of emotions and of course, are significant to the moment — the grand curtain raiser ceremony for the Commonwealth Games, to be staged this December. Renowned poet and lyricist Sardar Anjum has written two heart-warming songs for the Games and agrees it’s an honour to write for such an occasion and country. Hum Sitaare is being choreographed with children by Shovana Narayan and Bansi Kaul and according to Anjum it’s going to be a mega event. The songs, smiles Anjum, have both purpose and the second one is on Delhi, which he loved writing. “I am strong-headed as a poet and don’t mince words and what’s happening around becomes the subject of my poetry. The second song is on Delhi and covers many periods and aspects of Delhi. First, the Mughals spread their wings here and then the English, taking away so much from our country,’’ rues the poet. Dekhi to hai Dilli, isko gulzar karenge, rab dharti par utar aaye, uska deedar karenge...

And it’s none other than the versatile and soulful classical and playback singer Madhushree who’s lending her voice to Hum Sitaare Hain and performing live. She has been working with Sardar Anjum on an album of ghazals written by him and other projects too. “I simply love his poetry, for in the simplicity of his words is great depth and he leaves so much space for a singer. Lyrics is what the tune is based on and it’s essential that music and lyrics complement each other,’’ Madhushree who’s sung extensively for AR Rahman, loves the liberty that new music directors give to singers. For Madhushree, every song is new and is the best song, though high on her music metre are Kabhi Neem Neem (Yuva) and Hum Hain Is Pal Yahaan (Kisna). “I enjoy branching out and working on new things, like my album on thumri, with fusion and ghazals. Though I entered the film industry late, it’s been a fulfilling journey. For playback, I study the character of the actor I am singing for and then modify my voice expressions according to that. When I sing, I forget I’m Madhushree and my flight of imagination works in tandem with melody and lyrics,’’ for Madhushree, Mohammed Rafi is the complete singer. “When you hear him, you can visualize the song. His voice had drama, feelings and gayaki,’’ sings Madhushree...


Nasir said...

Being an ardent Mohammed Rafi Sahaab's fan, it warmed the cockles of my heart to learn that Madhushree, an accomplished singer herself, too considers Rafi Sahaab as a complete singer. How apt is her description: “When you hear him, you can visualize the song. His voice had drama, feelings and gayaki,".
More power to your singing career, Madhushree.

DnEsh said...

Hi Mr. Nasir,

Thanks for that warm and strong blessings and wishes for Madhushree. Such blessings from a veteran person like u is needed. Thanks again sir.