Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sirugugal - Sarvam Song Review by Dinesh Scaran

Hey guys, ive been publishing other websites and bloggers reviews on the song. Now i would like to share my thoughts on the song.

Sirugugal - Javed Ali, Madhushree

- I saw the Cd Inlay, and they credited Madhushree as Madusree. I'll tolerate that. Haha. Anyways, the songs is a very beautiful number, carried beautifully by Javed Ali and Madhushree. The song starts of beautifully by Madhushree's humming, followed by the powerful music starts right after she finishes humming. Wow... great work there Yuvan. The tune is very very sweet, and the lyrics is lovely. Music is very good, though the music's volume swallows the singers voice badly. U need to turn off your woofers (if u are listening through these high techno music systems) to listen to the singers.

Dun think any other singers could have pulled out a better show. Javed Ali sounds allot like Sonu Nigam here. His Tamil pronunciation needs some brushing though. But his rendition is 100% class. Would love to see him sing more in Tamil. We need quality singers like him in Tamil music rather than sticking to the usual Karthik, Benny and what not. We must not have this atittude of sticking to the usual singers. We need some fresh voices around. Javed Ali overall, is very satisfactory no doubt !! He will be the next most wanted singer around, mark my words !

Now on Madhushree. What ever im going to say here, is going to be totally bias, atleast that is what all the readers are going to think that, isnt it? Haha. Anyways, right from the humming, up to the ending's humming, she tottaly Rocked!!!! Her Tamil has improved allot !! Though at some part it does goes off, but i must say its one of her best diction. What is fascinating about Madhushree is that though she has no clear idea what she is singing in Tamil songs, she never compromises on the emotion section. Her emotion in the song was as if she is feeling and living the lyrics. Not many singers does that these days. As far as i know, only Madhushree has the power to emote the song 100%. Very impressed ! Her voice is husky and extremely sexy in this song. Its very difficult not to appriciate her in this song.

Overall, Sirugugal is a winner. Awaiting to see the clear results once the movie release.
Madhushree - Javed Ali is a great combo !!

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