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Madhushree lends her voice for the opening song of the Commonwealth Games

Common wealth of melody
Madhushree lends her voice for the opening song of the Commonwealth Games
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra
Friday, November 28, 2008, Chandigarh, India

From Kolkata to Holland to South America and finally to Mumbai, humming her way into people's heart, singer Madhushree came into limelight after she sang Kabhi neem neem, kabhi shahd shahd for Yuva. Though her musical journey started way back in her childhood, her first break as singer in Bollywood came with Moksh. "Though I sang a number of songs, but it was after Kabhi neem… that I got recognition in Bollywood." Having bagged the best female singer award for the song, she admits, "I can say my real career as a singer started only after this song and since then there has been no looking back."

In the city for recording of a song for the 10th Commonwealth Games, she says, "I am singing the opening song for the Commonwealth Games. And its lyrics are by Sardar Anjum. He couldn't fly to Mumbai because of his health problems, so I decided to come down and record here, as his presence was needed for the song."

Sports and music are an unusual combination, but our lady has expertise in both. "Before I made my mind to take up music as a full time career, I was into sports. I am an athlete and till college I was regular in the sport scene. And when this opportunity to sing for the Commonwealth Games came, my sportsman spirit came to the fore and I was all game."

Having sung some great numbers like In lamhon ke daman me (Jodhaa Akhbar), Hum hain iss pal yahan (Kisna), Naina milaike (Saathiya), Tu bin bataye (Rang De Basanti) and Ek meetha Marz dede (Welocome to Sajjanpur), she comments on the brigade of singers that reality shows are producing these days, "I have also participated in a reality show, Jhoom India, but it had great competition and luckily I won with my partner Sachin Tyagi. But these days we have too many musical reality shows on air, and it's a repetition of things."

On the changing music scenario she says, "Definitely, it has changed over the years. Melody is there and would remain, but these days rhythm is gaining more importance. Songs have too be foot-tapping and as singers we have to evolve with the change as we don't sing for ourselves but for the public and this is what they like these days."

Having released a solo album Lagi Lagan, which has a thumri base, she says, "I was scared to do this album as I didn't know how people would take it. A number of people dissuaded me too, but then I presented it in a fusion-a semi-classical pop, and now it's a hit."

While our lady believes in quality then quantity, about the trend of singing good and looking great, she says, "The trend has changed over the years, earlier if you were a singer all you needed was a good voice, but these days you have to look good too. Though this trend sure keeps you fit, but has deviated singers from their real goal."

Ask her who's her favourite singer and she says, "Lataji and Ashaji are legends but I like Alkaji's style of singing."

Versatile, Madhushree likes to sing romantic songs and about her forthcoming songs she says, "I have recorded two songs for A.R Rehman, one for an untitled movie of Ayesha Shroff. I have also sung for a movie Chintu Ji and an album with Sardar Anjum is in pipeline."

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