Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Boys OST - Rani's Theme - Madhushree's Rendition

Hey there, alright, this time, i decided to discuss on one of my MOST Fav. BGM of A.R.Rahman, in the movie Boys (2003) which was directed by Shankar and had new faces as heroes and heroine, but now all r well established actors in the field. Haha, ok, i think i will get to to the point.

So what is this BGM is all about, well, if u have watch the movie, u probably would have known who is the character "Rani". Yes, its the pros who comes in movie, which eventually her presence creates the climax of the film.

So for her Musical Theme, i must say, its one of the MOST MOST creative idea that ARRahman has come up with. Imagine giving a classical rendition for a pros. It kinda shows that hey, even though she is working in this field, she is STILL a woman! And guess who gave voice for this Musical Theme? Haha, ofcource, if it wasn't her,i wouldnt be posting this post here isn't it...

Its Madhushree's number. And OMG, she has done is perfectly!!!!!!! When listenin to the music without watching the scenes, it just makes u closes ur eyes and feel the soul within the music and voice. Madhushree rendered it so sexily at some parts, and some parts it was PURE DIVINE!! Wow... This lady, she is a gift to music field!!! Its such a pity this BGM went just like that becoz no 1 gives imp to OSTs in Indian film. Well, i have provided the bit here, thanks to my ARR fan club member AJ, who ripped the full OST from the Movie. And all i did was cut some parts and made some parts louder, becoz initially it was in a lower level of sound.

Yes, i cant stop praising this beat. Lemme be precise, from 1:54 - 2:21. That was like visiting Heaven, just close ur eyes and listen to the music and Madhushree's voice closely, its just DIVINE!!! i know u can skip to a certain time here in this Esnips player, so i will provide u with the download link. Download it if u like it, well, if u r Music Lover, u should own this. Its magical!!!


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