Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kotta Kottaga Unnadee (Madhushree) - Swagatham

Kotta Kottaga Unnadee - Swagatham
Starring : Jagapathi Babu, Anushka, Bhoomika Chawla
Music : RP Patnaik
Director : Dasarath
Producer : Aditya Ram

Alright, so this song was released early this year. It is a solo number by Madhushree. And she lifted the song to a different level. She rendered it superbly!! At some places, u can listen to her singing while smiling. And some parts, she sang the words by stretching them long enough to make it sound sexy. Thats 1 of Madhushree's biggest plus point. Ohh well, since i dun understand Telugu, i cant really comment on her diction. But rendition wise, she tops it. U guys out there should give a listen to it. Its a very song with a very different beats to it.

Madhushree - Kotta...

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