Sunday, July 20, 2008

Madhushree on


I am proud and very grateful to Dinesh Searan, whom I have never met in person, but did this incredible job, by creating this blog for me.
I, m asking all my fans to write any comments about my songs in this blog also.

Thank you Dinesh….


- OMG !! - This news just made my my life... haha.... i was as usual wanted to check for news from her official website, and was shocked seing my blog's url in the news section... i was like whoaa.... got so exited ... :D.... words to explain my feelings... i even too screenshots of the wbsite with the news... lol.....
I Think Madhushree is one of the singers who loves connecting to her fans... not many singers r like that..... im glad she is 1 awesome lady!!! not to mentioned, awesome voice too... :D :D !!!!

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Prashant said...

I totally loved the Marudaani song! Your voice is simply captivating!