Thursday, July 17, 2008

Marudhani - Sakarakatti Song Review by Anandhan Subbiah

Marudhani - Sakarakatti Song Review by Anandhan Subbiah

Marudani (Madhushree, A R Rehman, Henry)
The best song of the album. Madhusree is amazing. She has a voice which reminds me of my favorite singer Shreya Ghosal. There is a very good chance to mistake her voice for Shreya if you don’t look at the cd cover.The song has a wonderful tune packed with wonderful lyrics and the typical hymn in the background used by Rehman adds to the ambience.The song is free flowing and is sure to top the charts. Rehman does not provide a lot of support on the vocal side but packs the punch on the creative side. There is ample scope to perform magic on the screen . Hopefully the choreographer has utilized the opportunity effectively.

Ok, this is something new for me... Madhushree sounds like Shreya Goshal??? I know she sounds like Sadhana Sargam sometimes, but Shreya Ghoshal ??????


Jerry said...

Awesome song and great voice !..

Excellent bg humming by Sir A.R.R

San said...

amazing...wonderful...excellent work...actually i was not a madhusree fan b4 dis song..i thought that it sung by Shreya or sadana sombdy like only i knw its madhusree...i heared dis voice many times b4...but i couldnt identify the real m a big fan of Madhusree....nd as usual ARji played a vital role in the song by giving an excellent humming....really gr8

A>BALAJI....FOR U... said...

Great singer

music lover said...

It is a beautiful song.But the Tamil pronunciation is a little annoying.She certainly sings like Tamil is a foreign language to her.Does she know Tamil ?