Friday, July 18, 2008

Tere Bina - Mukhbir - Music by Karthik Raja - Madhushree

Hi in a state of shock.... its composed by Karthik Raja, and its a Madhushree number, and a blog r reviewing the songs praising the song as a "Sadhana Sargam" song....

And websites credit the singer of this song " Sonu Kakkar" ....

How come things like this always happens to a Madhushree song??? Its a beautiful song and it was not credited propally, not sure why the audio company makes such a big mess.


And i must tell u this.... its A BEAUTIFUL SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodness... beautiful i tell u... listen to it here :

Listen to Mukhbiir - hindi Audio Songs at


Sai said...

hmmm... from maestro ilayaraja conservatory? nadhiyil aadum oorvalam-kaadhal oviyam or janani jagamni-thaai moogaambigai or yamunai aatrilae-dhalapathy or amma endrazhaikatha-mannan... so many songs in this raaga. IR is fond of kalyani & Hamsanaadham... Bollywood & its listners need specially knowledgeable ears to admire and appreciate those maestros special compositions. If they end up with his average tunes ONLY HIS SONS CAN SAVE MAESTRO'S TRUE XTRAORDINARY HAND & REPUTATION FOR melodies by taking good notable songs of IR to Northern Fans! Isn't it? Like Tera Bina, Yuvan should join Kartik Raja in spreading their melodies in their father's way than going after modern compositions of ARR genre. ARR's genre for ARR only. Raja's sons should uphold IR's tradition and spread the Genius works. Dhalapathy

DnEsh said...

Sai... the term ARR for ARR only shows ur foolishness. its ok to worship IR and his sons, but to degrade another person to make ur liking sound superior is only to be said, is not the right way.

For ur info, ARR has composed many beautiful songs in Hindi film industry as well. Guess ur not exposed to them thats y u r reacting like this.

Listen to :
Pukar - Kismat Se Tum
Kisna - Hum Hai Iss Phal Yahan
Zubeida - Hai Na
Lagaan - Orey Chori

and ofcource WATER songs.

These r jsut some of the few beautiful compositions of ARR u might have missed, guessing u dun listen to Hindi numbers.

Please keep ur bias'ness for IR and his sons to ur self mate.