Friday, July 18, 2008

Madhushree's song in Mukhbir...

Madhushree,s song in Mukhbir...

As we came to know about Mukhbir,s story line , we could understand, why the film was aloof for so long. And even it is slated to release this month, you never know for sure if will will happen.
The producer, the director and even the music company BMG/CRECENDO didn,t bother to mentioned the singers name on the audio c.d..
We like inform you,that "Tere Bina" is rendered by Madhushree,a beautiful song in this movie.
Another song "Piya Mora Banjaara", sung by Rekho Rao, is also neglected by the decision makers to be named.
So Fans now you don,t have to guess who the singers are of the unnamed songs in Mukhbir.

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