Friday, July 25, 2008

Madhushree releases new album : Video

Madhushree releases new album
Singer Madhushree releases her new album 'Lagi Lagan'. Madhushree says she still has a lot to say after her previous album 'Jhoome Jiya Re'.

Guys, just open the page and wait, check on ur right hand side, there will be a video playing, some University's Ad, or was it scholarship, oh wut eva.. haha... but yea, after that Ad, the clip of the shooting of the video song will be played.

Oh yea... Madhushree has shared some info with us there.... she has even spoke about her Tere Bina - Mukhbiir track. Do check it out.....

BTW, Look at Madhushree, goodness... such a Goddess!!! She looks awfully young in this clip when she ties her hair... ;)..... and her gestures r very beautiful too... :)

Madhushree ROCKS!!! God Bless Her always..... :)

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