Friday, February 29, 2008

Mayilirage - Ah Aah [2005].... Sweet Madhu....

Who can forget this marvelous melodious track, composed by A.R.Rahman, sung by Madhushree & Naresh Iyer [His debut song]. It is a song for the movie " Ah Aah", starring S.J. Surya & Nila. Its the most famous track from Film, and was tittled Song Of The Year 2005 By some sites.

Lets look go thoroughly into the song, which was sung by MadhuShree.

The song starts with the thavil & nadhaswaran instruments playing, giving a marriage feel. And moves slowly into the humming of Madhushree, " Hmmm Hmm Hmmm Hmmm". There was this story behind this that was shared by Madhushree during her interview few weeks back. She was humming that particular tune in various styles. But A.R.Rahman wasnt happy with it. He kept on asking her to go on trying out new styles. And after so many styles done, she was tired & just hummed the " Hmm Hmm Hmmm " in a childish way to irritate A.R.Rahman. But then this style the 1 got the Nod from A.R.Rahman, she was shocked. Haha.... And look how A.R.Rahman has used that bit into the song....

Ok, back to the song... Then Naresh Iyer enters the song with his soft voice " Mayilrage...Mayilrage.... Varudugirai Mella.... ".... awesome tune! After his part was done... then comes in Madhushree, "Uyirai Thodarnthu Varum, Nee thane Mai Ezhuthu, Naan Podhum Kai Ezhuthu Anbe..... Ulagam Mudhiyallelam, Ellame Neer Ezhuthu, Kadhal Than Kall Ezhuthu Anbe..... Mayiligahai....Mayilirahai... Varudugirai Mella... " Her rendition was awesome!!! the best part about Madhushree is, she only will know the rough idea of wut she is singing, but she will present the song as if she is feeling it, her emotion in the song will be 100%. Thats 1 thing no 1 can deny. She never falls flat on the emotion part in any song.

In this song, her diction was OK. But the part " Ellame Neer Ezhuthu, Kadhal Than Kall Ezhuthu Anbe" was sung as " Ellame Neriyathe, KaDDhal than Kall Erithe Anbe...". that was the only bad part she sang in this song. Other than that, it was awesome!! Surprisingly, she could pronounce the " Tamizha, Tamizha , Tamizha " accurately..... she could pronounce the "ZHA" well.

The magical part in this song is during the ending of the song. The way Madhushree ends the song with " Varudugirai," is simply awesome. Not to mentioned during the ending of the song, accurately 4:23 mins, from there untill the ending of the song, it has a whole new feel. This song couldnt have sounded better without Madhushree. Its quite visible with the ending which was done by her, EXCELLENT!!

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