Saturday, November 29, 2008

Marudhani - Sakarakatti Song Review by Ben

Hey Diary,

I have been listening to Sakkarakatti songs from office for the last 7 - 8 hours non stop. The songs are awesome (including the two from Meenaxi) and now they are the only reason that makes working at night interesting. I am in love with the song Marudhaani. What a song? Simply superb tune, Madhushree’s voice, haunting chorous, Vaalees Lyrics and Goose bumpifying humming by THE BOSS..what more can you ask for? Another Munbe Vaa is all i can say as of now.

PS : I like the way Madhushree goes Siru kutram, Parisutham…. for reasons i dont know. And Rahmans humming following that makes me speechless.

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