Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jeyam Kondaan Music Review []

Jeyam Kondaan's Music Rewiew by
Music review By Malathy Sunderam
- Again i have posted only Madhushree's song review, for the rest, click on the link below.

Naan varaindhu vaittha

Vocals: Hariharan and Madhushree, Lyrics: Yugabharathi

The opening sarangi notes are gentle and suggest the mood of the song itself--that of longing. Fine expressive singing by Hariharan. The sarangi follows delightfully in places. Even the interludes have a rich depth to them. The song is basically about how love transforms the way you look at even mundane things. Hariharan lets each line taper off with a lovely' sangati' which should not be missed. The lady sings well too, but is sometimes high-pitched which could have been toned down.

What " The Lady "..... ??????? Cant the reviewer just use her name.... Its quite clear that The lady's name is printed and posted on the site, yet she uses such term for Madhushree....This is what u call ignorant..... Sheeeeshhh.........

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