Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Naan Varaindhu Vaitha - Jeyam Kondaan - Madhushree's Latest Tamil Track

Hey there all.... well.... guess what, the audio was released on 7th June.... and yes, its an awesome composition by Vidyasagar. It was just an excellent track.... not to mention, the " Vaaji Vaaji " combo, Hariharan and Madhushree yet again for another beautiful love melody. Its probably the best track in the film, Jeyam Kondaan.

Ok, i didint comment on the song as soon as i heard it, becoz i wanted to understand the song well before commenting on it.... and guess wat, its been the solo number in my winamp playlist, and its in a loop... ive been listenin to it only ever since it got released.... Madhushree was simply excellent in the song... her emotions was top notch!.... and her Tamil diction has improved... except for the part where she pronounce "Thanga CHIRAPPAM" in a fast portion of the song. It kinda irks u... i know, its gonna give a big way for the 'anti-north-Indian-singers-in-Tamil-song" to review on her harshly, yet again. But yes, that part is a lil off... i must agree... but the rest of the song.... its just magical!!! esp... listen to this part " 3:49 - 3:51 " where she goes " Heeyyyy....." so cutely !!! its like an emotion where a girl sings while smiling and pulling the guy's hand in a very sweet manner... u know... that kind.... not only that part, but overall her rendition in the song was out of the world..... !!! only Madhushree can perform such emotion in a song.... i can bravely say this...... :)

Oh well.... overall, the song is just very very very very addictive !!! trust me... u just cant enough of it, whether ur a Madhushree fan or not..... and i notice its the most listened track from the film according to the Top 50 of

Well, wat r u waiting for?? Click below to listen to the number and judge it for ur self.... please feel free to comment yea....

Madhushree, Hariha...

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