Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sandha Kozhi II - Aayitha Ezhutu Download Link

Guys... here is the link to download the song... ill provide in both the format, Mp3 and WAV.

Mp3 [32o kbps VBR] :

Wav :

Lost on what is this second version?? ive reposted the whole post here again, u may listen to it before downloading too....

Hey there all guys.... well, i noticed this the 1st time i watch the movie in theater, that if u guys noticed, Madhushree has rendered Sandhai Kozhi again for the movie's version. I believe this was done becoz of some mispronunciation done by her in the Audio CD version. If u guys really listen to the audio CD version, Madhushree some parts will say " Sandhai KoDI KoDI". She uses the Telugu's language to say Kozhi, becoz as u know she rendered the Telugu version as well, "Sankurathri kodi".

Yea so, hmmm.... She has sung it CORRECTLY in the movie's version. So i have ripped it out and uploaded it here, so u guys can listen. She has rendered the WHOLE song again, and some parts u can hear she has given new feel to it. Do give it a try...

SandaiKozhi II.mp3

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