Sunday, September 28, 2008

Madhushree in 'Yuvraaj', A.R.Rahman forthcoming Hindi Album

Its an old post from A.R.Rahman's FC, but since this album is releasing in weeks time, i think its appropriate!.... And yea, there is the confirmation from her about the humming of Mayilrage of hers that was just an accident...

Complicated song with 3-4 raagas in Yuvraaj: Madhushree
Sun Sep 16, 2007 7:14 pm

Hi all,

On Friday, the celebrity on Rahmania Radio show was Madhushree...

"The most complicated song I have ever sung, is the song that we recently recorded for the Subhash Ghai movie. Rahman ji has used some 3-4 raagas and it is so amazing!!"

"I thank ARR. If it wasnt for him, I would still be in South America, teaching music and my voice wouldnt have reached all over the world as it has today!!"

"The way very different and unique sounding humming in Mayiliragae was recorded is very interesting. He gave me the tune and asked me to improvise and sing the humming in whatever way I wanted. I hummed the same tune in many different ways and style, but he kept saying, 'No.. i want something different'
Finally, I was slightly fed up... and said 'if u want very different humming then i have to do only this' and mimicked the tune in childish manner... I did that for fun!! But that was the one he liked and said that was awesome and used it for the song!!"


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