Saturday, September 6, 2008

Singing A Homely Tune - Madhushree

Singing a homely tune
By: Vipasha Pillai
Date: 2008-08-28


striking a chord: Singer Madhushree Bhattacharya plays on the keyboard in her music room

Step into singer Madhushree Bhattacharya's house and you will be struck by the warmth it exudes. Her 2BHK Andheri flat has a very lived-in feel to it, making it very inviting and cosy. The cool and summery mood of the house immediately puts you at ease. "I love to stay at home. After a hectic schedule I just wait to get back home.

For me there is no better place than my home to relax," says Madhushree, who has delivered several hits like Kabhi neem neem from Yuva, Hum hain is pal yahaan from Kisna or Naina milaike from Saathiya is all set to release her debut album Lagi Lagan. We take you in her house for a better look:

Home-buying is... a wonderful experience. It was through a friend that my husband and I came to know of this place. We were on the look out for a home for quite some time, but we didn't like any.
However, the moment I saw this flat I fell in love with it totally. Now it's been four years since we've shifted here and I must say I just love the airy feel of my house.

The interiors are... simple. The house has been done up by the two of us and I think we've done a decent job. The house looks just the way I want it to.

The theme is... white, sea green, light pink and wood. I wanted our home to look warm and welcoming. So I've made use of cool shades on the walls

My favourite corner... is my music room. Here I sit with my musical instruments and rehearse for hours at a stretch.

Buying your own house... makes you feel really great. It's like an achievement. Moreover, buying a house in a place like Mumbai is definitely not easy. After a tiring day at work, the best place to relax is your home, so I think it's important to buy a home that gives you good vibes, even if it's small.

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There is no place like "Home"