Friday, October 17, 2008

Madhushree's song in Subash Ghai's MOTHERLAND, not YUVVRAAJ !!

Hi guys, here is what Madhushree has gotta say about her number in Subash Ghai's film, music by A.R.Rahman. I asked her in her official website's forum....
by: Dinesh date: Oct 15 2008 email:
Hi Maam, apparently the song u sung in Yuvraaj, music by A.R.Rahman, didint turn up in the audio cd, which really really dissapointed me in a MAJOR scale... was looking forward for it so much, since it had 3-4 raagas which has been rendered by you. But alas, the song was chopped out from the audio cd. I do hope it will get released on a second edition of the audio cd or atleast its used in the movie.....
Reply From : madhushree date: Oct 17 2008 email:
Hi Dinesh,
Everything happens for a good reason; when i did that song for Subhash Ghai than it was for the movie called "MOTHERLAND", which got shelved for some reason. And of course everybody is thinking that maybe he will put that song in his next movie?!But it didn,t...
But i think it will come in a very good movie and than the song will be justified!!!!!
I have sung some Tamil songs for music director Dina and some others, which will come very soon.

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