Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Raaya (2006) Kannada Album - 3 Numbers by Madhushree

How could i have ever missed this???? well, apparently Madhushree has lent her voice for 3 numbers in this Kannada film, Raaya, which was released in the year 2006. Here is where u can listen to the songs ..... Preethili Indu Theli being my fav number from this album, but though it reminds me of some old Hindi number... oh well, here it is :

Raaya (2006)

Raaya [2006]

Movie Raay [2006]
Music Sen Brothers
Lyrics Ram Narayan
Director JK
Producer MA Hamsa, BL Showdri
Release 2006

Kotigobba Ee Raaya

Preethili Indu Theli
Shahazad, Madhushree
Ayyayyo Dil
Madhushree, Jaiwalia
Dina Dina
Shahazad, Madhushree
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